Monday, October 29, 2012

Indigo- The 3rd day!

The third day is  a very slow day, people come in later than the other 2 days, everything is more relaxed and casual, lots of walkers and yes you still can get some sales, but expectations for this day shouldn't be that high.
People take more time to really observe the booths, you can provide a better attention if a customer is interested in the collection and definitely is a good day to engage in conversation with other studios.
Most of the people is open to conversation, some of them come to you just to say hello and even to give you a little compliment.
I love this side of the show, I think although we are competitors, we can also share a nice and friendly conversation at the end "sun shines for everyone".
At 5:45pm of last day everybody is running around stripping out stands and leaving to prepare for their next show. 

Removing our pretty decorations out.

A very lonley place!


  1. Hello Rosie, thank you so much to share your experience! I have little aditionnal questions about this Indigo show : wasn't it too busy to manage the stand alone? Do you recommend to come to this Fair with another assistant to manage it? How many visiting cards have you distribute during the Fair? And also, how many designs have you sold?????? I mean, is Indigo a good way to start as a textile pattern designer??

    1. Hi Victoria, actually I was not alone in the stand, my husband who is studio cofounder was there most of the time and I have a friend full time with me as well.
      I do not recomend to do this alone specially the mounting and the first day . Try to get some support from friends or family at least the first time you exhibit.
      Alone is not impossible but can be quite challenging,
      As for visitng cards at least bring 100...
      Indigo is a way to start, remember is the firts show in the world , specially Paris for fashion, and at this point I see Indigo as a marketing event rather than a sales event.
      Definetly at least come to visit once before exhibiting, stay the 3 days and walk around the show at different times of the day, speak with other studios if they are willing to and get prepared for it. Is a great experience!
      Hope this helps and hope I can see you exhibiting soon.
      Best of luck!

  2. Just read your post on the 3rd day and then had to go back again to all your other posts about Indigo! Just amazing to see how the show developes from a bare stand to full swing and then back to that lonely place again. Thanks for sharing, good to see it from your perspective! Next time I'll definitely try to go on the last day and have more conversations with the exhibitors …

  3. Hi, Rosie. Well done, dear. I love the way you tell the story and how it never ends, as people are "leaving to prepare for their next show".


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