Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern design course

One of my best findings of last year was the fantastic course created for 2 talented and inspirational woman's Rachel Taylor  and Beth Nicholls.

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern design course opened more horizons in my design carreer gave me the confidence to believe in my own style and provided me with tools and knowledge to compliment my 5 year Graphic and Textiles design college degree and my work experience designing prints for textiles.

After a career change from the business side of textiles I returned to do what I loved the most and also made my dream come true, In 2011 I started just designing in my kitchen table , bought lots of paper, undusted my paints and brushes and started, with no info , no trend briefs, just with feeling and lots of expectations.

I presented my studio and my first collection last september in Indigo -PV Paris. In the show  realized that the industry had changed in a way I was not prepared. The hand-painted designs disappeared from the children section, everyone was designing digitally.
Ooopsss  I learned few computer tricks in school, but I had not enough basis to create a design in a digital way.  I learned in the hard way I needed to update myself. 
I still had a good show for a first timer, meet lots of people, get customers, and got lots of inspiration but for me was not enough.

I enrolled to The Art and Business of Surface design course and it has been a great investment, I learned a lot, got the insights of very relevant and extremely talented  people in the industry, I got  lots of inspiration and confidence and realized that there is endless possibilities for my "new" career. 
I also had the opportunity to meet so many talented designers and now I even will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of them as guest designers in the autumn 13/winter 14 collection we will present in Indigo. 

I highly recommend this course to whomever wants to start the adventure in the Surface pattern design world. After this great course I feel way more prepared and inspired for my next appearance in Indigo PV this next september. Paris.... Here we go!!!

Big thanks and lots of love  to Rachel & Beth!!!

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