Friday, June 22, 2012

Believe Creative Studio to Indigo A/W 13/14

Exhibiting  in Indigo-PV  was a life dream and for second time is a reality. 
Last year  was the first time I came to Indigo in Paris as exhibitor, it was a super experience of course with the good and the bad to be a first timer, but I realized how much I enjoyed the experience.
This time I feel way more prepared. Last year I jumped without too much thinking and it was good because I did it with lots of expectations and little fear. 
I made every single design by hand and during the show I realized I needed to get into technology.

Lots of customers from the children market were interested in my work but they were also asking for design that facilitate the printing process they wanted layered files and designs ready to print.
So I had one year to prepare myself, to learn to design in the computer , which to me is a completely different process from working with ink and brushes. 
I have to say I am still learning to enjoy the digital process and thanks to the course of the Art and Business of surface pattern designing now I got the skills to combine both worlds.

This time I also will be honored to have talented guest designers joining Believe creative studio collection. 
Stay tuned because later on I will introduce them all of them,they are really talented and enthusiastic. 
For now I have tons of work to do. Luckily I love my job and I am enjoying every part of it.
This year during my show I am also celebrating my 40th Birthday on september 20 ! 
What a better excuse to enjoy my day selling a lots of designs and seeing my work in Paris, my favorite city!
I will be sharing the process with all of you, hoping you share our excitement and expectations!

We just  had our booth assigned is:  5U49!!

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  1. Lovely post Rosie, like to meet you next saturday & in Paris!!


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