Saturday, September 7, 2013

Your vote can make the difference, Make it count!!

It has been a very exciting journey with the voting process for the Global Talent Search contest!
Few days of voting campaign has given me so much.
I am a person who loves to help others, love to support and to give, but when  I need help  and support I have difficulty asking  for it, which honestly have to do a  with ego.
But on the other hand I am definitely a "go get it " kind of girl. I do my best and everything that is on my power to achieve my dreams off.
So although asking for support and help feels awkward ,I do realize that an attitude of "I am too cool to ask for votes"  will only give me the feeling that I didn't gave it all.

During this journey I have learned so much:
1. Is OK to ask for help when we really want something.
2. I am surrounded by  kind and enthusiastic family and friends... I am a very lucky person!
3. There is so many kind persons in the world that even with out not even knowing me personally are willing to support my dream... how cool is that?

On September 9th voting will be closed and on September the 10th the 6 lucky finalist will be announced. At this point I am almost 200 votes behind from the person in first place, and of course I am still not giving up! 

If you haven't vote yet, you can still vote, you can make the difference!

1. Click on the link , add your e.mail address and vote button
2. You will receive an e.mail with a link to confirm your vote ( only by doing this your vote will be valid)
If you do not receive the e.mail in your inbox, please check in your spam folder
3. Please help me to spread the word so I can get some more votes.
4. Visit the complete gallery ... there is fabulous pieces, designed by super talented people

Do you want to see the creative process of my Fresh and Fabulous" tote bag? Below you can access to:Part One
Part Two

Many thanks for your love, support and kindness!

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