Monday, November 18, 2013

Make Art That Sells Course- Review

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One year ago I had the pleasure to see an interview to Lilla Rogers  in Monica's Lee Blog Smart Creative Woman, in that interview Lilla's reveled the news about a course called Make Art that sells that she will launch in partnership with Beth Kempton from Do what you love for life. At that moment I knew I wanted to be in, so I put on hold my exhibiting plans in Indigo Paris in September of this year to fully dedicate to the course.

In the part A of the group I was surprised with the intensity and all the information that Lilla and contributors were sharing with the students. I loved the community that was built around it, everyone was so nice, so supportive and so eager to learn and to became better artist. 

I blocked 5 weeks of my calendar which I spend mostly designing and creating, I was lucky to have the summer as company of this 5 weeks, therefore I went outdoors and sketch and got inspirations for my assignments.

In my first assignment bold fabric I got an artist block... I was so focus wanted to be good that I forgot of creating with fun,I struggled a lot then suddenly I realized I enrolled to this course just to learn and to have fun , so on the following assignments I did.  I explored with techniques and design styles. Since I love to paint I did 3 hand painted assignments, one digital and one collage.

Below is the result of 5 weeks of work in different markets, so far my 2 big favorites were wall art and children's books, because of the freedom I put in the assignments.

Right after the class I started the designs for the Global Talent search contest, which was an intense yet full of reward time.

After few more weeks I was ready to start part B of the course, but at the same time I started to teach as well at Amsterdam Fashion Academy and I had to focus in that aspect of my career therefore I skipped the first 2 assignments but I came back for the last 3 weeks of the course.

My favorite part this time was the last week of the course assignment : party paper.

I have to say I love every part of this course, it was intense full of valuable information, full of experiences and good energy from everyone involved in the course. I believe any learning is a gain but in this case I learned more about my self, how important is to go out of the comfort zone , to stretch myself and try new things, but specially having fun with it. My biggest conclusion is that by doing this course I did things I never knew I could do.... believe me 3 years ago I didn't even knew to work in illustrator, so making a map on it.... would sound like a joke.

I definitely recommend this course to everyone who is interest in learning about different markets on where to commercialize your art, is a very good investment for your personal career and development but if you are going to do it this will be my tips:

1. Book enough time to focus on the course so you can take the best out of it.
2. Have a binder to organize your work, sketches and overall work and process, this will help you to track your own progress and record valuable learning's.
3. Have total fun with it, do only what you love on the way you enjoy the most.
4. Do not  enroll to the course with the full expectation of a direct review to your assignments from Lilla, learn to asses your own work, expecting one person approval to your work is not fair to you or to her.  Believe on your self and ask support to your class mates.
5. Be yourself do not imitate others style and work in the techniques you enjoy the most.

If you are a creative soul with willingness to be out of the shell, and you like challenges, this will be a great course for you! 
I loved it & I am sure you will do too!



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