Sunday, December 15, 2013

Announcing Believe Creative Studio guest designers - Indigo Feb14

We are very excited to share the names of the 13 fabulous and talented guest designers that are joining  Believe Creative Studio and will contribuite with their fabulous work to the collection that is going to be presented at Indigo-Premiere Vision this next February'14 in Paris.

We received numerous submissions therefore the selection was a though process but we needed to stay true to our studio style and brand identity.

This is a dream team because we will be able to collaborate for few months with great talents, fun people & very kind personalities. 
Is a huge honor and a great responsibility leading this fabulous team:

We want to take this opportunity not only to our guest designers for their trust and enthusiasm, but also we want to thank each designer who submitted their work; please be assured that this not a reflection on your skills as a designers. As studio really important for us to focus in working with the designers that we think, will contribute to a style synergy keeping their own fabulous style & personality while they create with joy & commitment towards a commercial collection.

With love & gratitude to all

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  1. Rosie, marvellous team. All the best for this enterprise.


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