Sunday, June 29, 2014

A mermaid in a bottle :painting process

Hello! I want to share the final result of the new piece I have worked in the past days.
In my previous post I described to you my creative process, sketches and inspiration, now I want to share the painting process and the final result.
I decided to actually paint this piece in a common canvas, because painting in canvas make me feel very artistic!
This piece was painted  with acrylic, which is a medium I enjoy working with, although a bit messy is quite fun and friendly to achieve lost of colors and cool effects; the down side of painting with acrylic is the difficulty to paint very small and detailed lines, which I normally incorporate in my work.
I added a beautiful quote from Rumi, that I found perfect for the mood of this piece.
Personally I loved the result, please let me know what do you think of it? Do you like it?
Very soon I will be making a downloadable version so you can use to decorate your computer of phone screen.
Stay tuned!


My colors            


Work in progress

The final result                                                                                                          ©2014 Believe Creative Studio

If you are interested in seeing other artists from different parts of the world work and their  approach to the nautical theme for wall art in all sort of media and handwriting, visit the online gallery of the Lilla's Roger Make art that sells Bootcamp. 
Eye candy!

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