Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A great designer and a great friend... Antonio Diaz (R.I.P)

and talking about dark moments in life… something very sad just happened.
I just lost a very dear friend in Mexico, Antonio Diaz was my friend for almost 20 years.
We meet while working in a textile company as textile designers, we created hand painted textile designs and color ways.
Since the beginning I was impressed with his talent, with his style and his beautiful and flawless work.
With the time we became really good friends, we use to go a lot to the movies, it was one of Antonio's passions, we shared a lot of desserts, laughs, chats and of course the good and bad moments.

Antonio was an arquitect, textile designer, jewerly designer, good dancer but mainly an excellent person and a very good friend.
We shared the same philosophy … we both believe in destiny, faith and he always told me if is meant to be… is going to be… in spanish… si es para ti, es para ti.
Trough the time our friendship got more solid, even when I left Mexico we keep in touch, we share plans & dreams.

In the past months he created beautiful designs that we exhibited in Indigo-PV in September 2011. He was happy to have the chance to design.
He was also busy learning photoshop and doing beautiful jewerly, I was lucky to get few rings and a lovely bracelet he sent me in the post as a gift, he was even considering opening  an Etsy shop. 
In December we meet in Mexico, it was such a nice time we spend together, we went to our favorite place, finally he meet Vincent and we were dreaming in getting together in Paris this september.
We hugged, we cried, we laugh and we said … see you soon.

Life had different plans for him, he lost his battle to cancer and he became an angel last week. 
With this post I want to honor his memory sharing some of his beautiful work. 
I hope this history help you to value what you have now, your friends, family  and all the opportunity you have to create, to design, to live!

Antonio was a person with an amazing talent and he created until he could, he never stop believing, he was a happy person with a lovely smile.
He was kind, extremely loyal and very supportive friend. I will never forget him, he will be in my heart and my memory everyday.
I want to keep all the good memories and I am grateful for the friendship he gave me.

Antonio: I love you my friend  my dear "hermi" and I will miss you.
I am sure you are in the hands of God and that one day we will meet again.


  1. What a beautiful tribute, Rosie. Thank you for showing us his amazing work.

  2. You should be a writer too Rose-so touched!!! As I read each sentence I could feel my goose bumbs rising yet I don't know who this is, but your words really beautiful made me feel as though his a close friend. May he R.I.P
    Gorgeosu stuff!

  3. I feel with you, Rosie. He will rest in peace and always be your friend. His work is beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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