Friday, July 20, 2012

Introducing Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Becky Holmes

Becky Holmes is based in London. 
She is graduated  in Fashion Management, BA (Hons) from London College of fashion and in Product development from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Becky is a creative mind with great talent for trend research  and illustration.
She loves  vintage glass, clothes making , photography, yoga and stripes

I love Becky sweet ,doodly, fun and colorful style, adding expression and life to everyday elements. One of my favorite Becky's design are her snowglobes and her mini charms, which you can see in her blog: doodledandy
About Becky Image from Blog Doodledandy

Becky Holmes in stripes!

From Becky's creative space

Here is the Mini -interview I made to Becky:

How do you describe yourself as a designer?
I love scouring charity shops, collecting funny vintage bits and bobs that other people laugh at. 
I like to doodle them in crazy colours, with bright felt-tip pens, sometimes adding silly faces. 
So far I have hand-screen printed my own cards, designed an enamel jewelry collection and produced illustrations for events. 
Now I am excited to be designing fabric patterns too, because I love to make my own clothes and love scouring shops for my dream fabrics.

What inspires you?
Colourful vintage knick knacks, grandparents, the photographer Tim Walker, funny animals, vintage packaging, magazines and craft books.

What is your favourite part of the surface design work?
The excitement of transforming 2D designs into something 3D.

What is your big dream as a designer?
To design, print and make my own clothing collection.

Copyright © Becky Holes

Copyright © Becky Holmes

Copyright © Becky Holmes
                                           All images are property of Becky Holmes


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