Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing Believe creative studio guest designer: Nicola Griffiths

Happy monday !!

Today I am presenting Nicola Griffiths, part of the amazing Believe Creative Studio guest designers.
Nikki Griffiths in her studio

Nikki is a designer based in the UK. She has passion for doodles and the sea side. She is fascinated for light houses and beach huts.
Nikki has a lovely blog:pikadoodles, where you can see more of her work and get to know her fun and enthusiastic spirit.
She is in  a specific design mission.... Nikki wants to get her patterns onto shopping bags!  She  intends to stalk as many retailers as she possibly can to make their bags more doodled. 
Nikki wants to put her pikadoodle magic everywhere.
Nikki's studio: where the pikadoodle magic happens

I definitely enjoy her color combinations and her fun style , which you can see reflected in her beetle mania pattern and her camper van pattern.

Beetle mania pattern. Copyright © Nicola Griffiths

Retro rainbow pattern. Copyright © Nicola Griffiths

Sail away pattern. Copyright @ Nicola Griffiths

Nikki's work  is currently exhibiting in the Warrington Collegiate Annual Exhibition and she will be also exhibiting in the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival as well as collaborating with Believe Creative Studio for our A13/W14 collection.
Enjoys Nikki's work and stayed tuned for our next guest designer!

Here is the mini-interview I made to Nikki:

A brief description of you as a designer and your style:
I would say my design style is rather quirky and very much geared towards kids (big & small). Having trained as a graphic designer, specializing in Typography, I've gone to the complete opposite end of the scale with pattern design - very much 'doodle' style, and not so structured.

What inspires you?
The ocean, seaside and all the elements that you find in and around the beach - I have thousands of shells I've collected over the years.

What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work?
The trial and error. The fact that I can start doodling and not know where it's going.

What is your big dream as a designer?
My dream would be to work on commissioned designs for a range at the likes of Debenhams or John Lewis, on a range of kitchen items - such as placemats, tea towels, oven gloves.
I would also love  to do some designs (FOC) on store shopping bags for special occasions - such as Breast Cancer Awareness month or Movember - have my designs on the likes of River Island, Zara and Oasis shopping bags, to raise awareness.

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  1. Lovely feature, Rosie and Nikki! Love your camper vans, Nikki!


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