Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visit at Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam

Yesterday I visited Kleine fabriek in Amsterdam . This is the 3rd season I attended the show and is always nice and refreshing to see what brands are doing.
The show included apparel, footwear , home decor, accessories and diverse sort of cool products, and of course the lovely book store Helden & Boeven which is definitely one of my favorite spots.

The brands that called my eye:
Peaple: A Dutch young brand with lovely design and  GOTS certified.
Bliss :A brand for Sweden with of colors and lovely prints.
Kids case: A Dutch brand with beautiful style and lovely materials.
Organic for kids had a lovely color palette and simple but lovely prints.
 My favorite apparel brand was Creamie, from Denmark with fantastic style , colors, prints and materials for girls
Image from Peaple
Image from Kidscase
Image from Creamie

Image from Creamie

My favorite home decor and accessories brand is Sebra, colors, materials and style is lovely, the crochet accessories are just adorable, and they told me that the crochet products are actually  hand- knitted by grandmas, which to me is adorable. I feel this products are actually made with love.
Image from Sebra

My two favorite products which I found the most innovative were the coloring books and postcards of Rosie Flo's
They have cute and fun products, my favorite the  Fashion show made out of paper, so the children can color their elements and stage their own catwalk. I so want one for my self !
Image from Rosie Flo's

My favorite from all show were definetly the Milestone baby cards which celebrates the achievement of babies, so you can place the card take a picture and create a beautiful memories.
I loved the idea, the lovely illustration…. Just gorgeous!
Image from Milestone baby cards

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