Thursday, January 17, 2013

Believe Creative Studio ar London Textile fair

For first time Believe Creative Studio will be exhibiting in London!
We will be at the London Textiles fair in The Business Design Centre this next Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 January. We will be located at the print design area!
Stop by and see fabulous patterns for children, baby and teens products.
You will be amazed!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank you!!

I am extremelly grateful with all the designers and all the supporters of the Let's Fly bloghop, we had amazing response and has been very exciting collaborating with such talented and enthusiastic group of people. 

Curating this Bloghop had been a great way to start 2013 with great energy , optimism and challenges. I not only got inspiration from such a talented fellow designers, but so much love and good vibes around. This profession is full of optimism and good energy. 

Special Thank you for all the blogs and persons who posted  our flyer and information in your blogs and help us to make buzz, there is no words to express my gratitude . 
Love you all!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bloghop-Let's Fly- Believe Creative Studio

Hello! welcome, you are visiting us from Muy MajoBV blog from the enthusiastic and talented  MaJo BautistaV.
I am Rosie Martinez-Dekker Co-founder and creative director of Believe Creative Studio established in 2011.  
I am a Mexican designer based In Almere The Netherlands.
I am thrilled and proud to be the curator of this Bloghop, which is the way me and other 51 designers from around the world wanted to celebrate the 2013.  
We are using  Emerald pantone color of the year as a main color for all the collections to create some unity, which is also a great way to see how each artist interpret both the color and the Theme : "Let's Fly"
My style is free, whimsical and full of color. I mainly focus in designing for children, teens and babies products, although I also enjoy designing for home decor and women products.This time I decide to create for home decor products, thinking ina Beach house in the Mexican Caribbean.
My main inspiration comes from nature and I love creating little histories with my graphics and patterns.  I create my designs both digitally & hand painted.
For this particular collection I inspired in the "Flying fish" an amazing and beautiful creature that goes far and beyond its own nature. The flying fish is it self a nature masterpiece with incredible strength, resistance and beauty.    
My selected color options along with emerald green 
      &  all  tonal possibilities along with Blues , Salmon 
      & Light Turquoise, inspired on a beautiful beach 
      natural color palette.

      All the patterns in this "Let's Fly collection"  are 
     hand  painted with watercolors,black and metallic ink.

The name of this pattern is "Swimming or Flying"
I wanted to represent both abilities of the flying fish.

  The name of this pattern is "In and out"
which represents the cycle of the 

flying fish gettin in and out the water.
The name of this pattern is "Leaving a mark" which 
      is inspired in the zigzag shape that  the flying fish
     "draws" in the sea when raises the flight.

My goals as a designer for 2013 are starting a product line with my patterns. Exhibiting for 3rd time in Indigo Premiere Vision in September and  opening more markets for the Believe creative studio design collection,in addition to this I am interested in a collaboration with  to a non-profit organization and contribute with my designs to empower children  in need to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog , if you want to get in touch with me or see more of my work click here or go to, I would love to hear from you!
Please visit the next  blog from the talented Anneline Sophia from Anneline Sophia Designs.   
Enjoy all the 52 collections you will find amazing work for very talented surface pattern designers. The bloghop will be open until January 13th.
If you want to return to opening blog please click here 
Find here the full participants list!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's Fly Bloghop

Believe creative studio will be curating "Let's Fly" Bloghop this Thursday 10 of January (14:00 CMT) to Sunday 13.
A Bloghop basically is a virtual gallery,where blogs are linked so you can browse around each designer work.

51 talented and enthusiastic Surface Pattern Designers from around the world will be gathering to celebrate 2013 by creating!!
Each designer will be presenting a mini-collection with the theme "Let's Fly" and using Emerald pantone 2013 color of the year as main inspiration.
Join us visiting our bloghop,where you will be amazed with the unique style of each designer.
The Bloghop will be open by Pattern addict blog at
Logo by :MaJo BV