Saturday, April 14, 2012

The make of the Believe Creative Studio website

One of my biggest challengues and one of the achievements I feel most proud during this year is the Believe creative studio website.

It took me a while to get the inspiration and the right mood to actually create the website.I wanted to reflect my style, my love for what I do and to look fun, aproachable and yet commercial.

Since the beginning I knew I wanted to do the styling and graphics and luckily my geeky & adorable husband Vincent helped me with the right direction & advise, we worked together with a great friend of us :Sander Degen, who I call  my webyoda, and thanks to both of them the magic behind my illustrations happened.
Takeo: Webdesign & online marketing

After lots of brainstorming I decided to get as my main inspiration and central element, my favorite Mexican folk art: "Arbol de la vida" o Tree of life. I wanted to include  meaningful symbols that represented me, so I choose ladybugs,butterflies, hearts, stars, leafs, flowers and the sun and the moon as central elements.

"Mexican Trees of Life or Arboles de la Vida are one of the most popular expressions of Mexican folk art.  For more than 100 years Metepec, in the State of Mexico, has been known for its unique ceramic creations, mainly the Arbol de la Vida, tree of life, a clay sculpture covered with flowers, leaves and biblical figures."

I wanted to share  some of the sketches I made, which I am sure you can recognize in the end illustration of my arbol de la vida.

In a later post I will share the color selection process. 
For now happy weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A cardboard dream

Today I came across to an amazing history of a 9 year old boy Caine, that created his own arcade out of cardboard.
Caine is an inspiration for drive and no limitations on doing something he really believe in. A super creative and genious mind, with no fear to failure.
The father from Caine is a great dad, allowing his boy not only to imagine amazing things, but actually encouraging him and supporting him to make things happen.
And all this history became big when a fantastic guy, Nirvan Mullick, saw the arcade, meet Caine, believe on him and help him to make his dream come true.
This history is so inspirational and I hope it touched you as it touched me.
I think a creative mind with a power on believing in himself can actually make wonders happen.
Will be great if we all have the courage to make our dreams come true even if they seem a cardboard dream, it actually can became an amazing history.
Come on... get your cardboard pieces,your tape and your imagination out there, start today!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Believe creative studio: Happy 1st Birthday!!!

With lots of happiness and emotions we are celebrating our first anniversary.
It has been a very interesting year, with lots and lots of joy, challenges and opportunities.
I was lucky to knew early in my life I wanted to do for life:
 I wanted to create prints, greeting cards and textile design.

After few years working in different areas of fashion business ,where I got great learnings, life experiences and  fanstastic friends; life put me face of face with the opportunity of doing my dream come true.
Thanks to the support of my adorable husband Vincent, all my family and friends, one year ago I started doing my dream come true.
I feel very blessed to enjoy everyday what I am doing, and to have the opportunity to create, work with colors and with fun graphics, images and histories.

I called my studio Believe because I believe that you can make anything you want possible, the firts step is to believe in your self and in your dreams.

I would like to inspire people to follow their passion, to do what they enjoy and to enjoy what they do.

I hope one day you are also celebrating one year of doing something in what you believe, what ever is that start you want to reach, is always there, waiting for you to make that little jump and get it.

Believe in you!
Imagine! create! inspire!