Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Bethan Westran

Hello: I want to share with you the amazing work of Bethan Janine Westran.
I am fascinated with Bethan patterns, they are so colorful and full of life!

Bethan is based in Sheffield UK, She is a self taught textile designer and illustrator with a BA in fashion design, Since she was a little girl she has love to draw and paint so designing patterns was a natural career choice for her.

Bethan describes her style as quirky, fun and whimsical with a touch of femininity.
Bethan likes to use ink, marker pens and watercolour but mostly she hand draw her designs, scan in and play around with the layout and colour on the computer.

Here is Bethan mini-interview 

What inspires you? 
Nature is the main influence in my work especially birds, butterflies and trees.

What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work? 
Drawing, drawing, drawing! it's my dream job!

What is your big dream as a designer? 
I dream about putting my prints on silk scarves

If you want to see more of Bethan fabulous work go to her online portfolio & connect with her in facebook

Bethan Westran
Bethan Westran studio and lovely sketches

Copyright © Bethan Westran

Copyright © Bethan Westran

Copyright © Bethan Westran

Copyright © Bethan Westran

All images of this post are property of Bethan Janine Westran

Friday, July 20, 2012

Introducing Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Becky Holmes

Becky Holmes is based in London. 
She is graduated  in Fashion Management, BA (Hons) from London College of fashion and in Product development from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Becky is a creative mind with great talent for trend research  and illustration.
She loves  vintage glass, clothes making , photography, yoga and stripes

I love Becky sweet ,doodly, fun and colorful style, adding expression and life to everyday elements. One of my favorite Becky's design are her snowglobes and her mini charms, which you can see in her blog: doodledandy
About Becky Image from Blog Doodledandy

Becky Holmes in stripes!

From Becky's creative space

Here is the Mini -interview I made to Becky:

How do you describe yourself as a designer?
I love scouring charity shops, collecting funny vintage bits and bobs that other people laugh at. 
I like to doodle them in crazy colours, with bright felt-tip pens, sometimes adding silly faces. 
So far I have hand-screen printed my own cards, designed an enamel jewelry collection and produced illustrations for events. 
Now I am excited to be designing fabric patterns too, because I love to make my own clothes and love scouring shops for my dream fabrics.

What inspires you?
Colourful vintage knick knacks, grandparents, the photographer Tim Walker, funny animals, vintage packaging, magazines and craft books.

What is your favourite part of the surface design work?
The excitement of transforming 2D designs into something 3D.

What is your big dream as a designer?
To design, print and make my own clothing collection.

Copyright © Becky Holes

Copyright © Becky Holmes

Copyright © Becky Holmes
                                           All images are property of Becky Holmes

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wallpaper for Indigo website

Hello , here is our wallpaper created for the Indigo website, I wanted to create something really colorful, fun and of course directly related to me, Vincent  & my lovely pets.
I took main elementes from Believe creative studio website and put it in this colorful piece.
I love designs that really represent what I love and this one has a splash of everything.
Check it out!
Wallpaper for Indigo 2012 Copyright © Believe creative studio

Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing Believe creative studio guest designer: Nicola Griffiths

Happy monday !!

Today I am presenting Nicola Griffiths, part of the amazing Believe Creative Studio guest designers.
Nikki Griffiths in her studio

Nikki is a designer based in the UK. She has passion for doodles and the sea side. She is fascinated for light houses and beach huts.
Nikki has a lovely blog:pikadoodles, where you can see more of her work and get to know her fun and enthusiastic spirit.
She is in  a specific design mission.... Nikki wants to get her patterns onto shopping bags!  She  intends to stalk as many retailers as she possibly can to make their bags more doodled. 
Nikki wants to put her pikadoodle magic everywhere.
Nikki's studio: where the pikadoodle magic happens

I definitely enjoy her color combinations and her fun style , which you can see reflected in her beetle mania pattern and her camper van pattern.

Beetle mania pattern. Copyright © Nicola Griffiths

Retro rainbow pattern. Copyright © Nicola Griffiths

Sail away pattern. Copyright @ Nicola Griffiths

Nikki's work  is currently exhibiting in the Warrington Collegiate Annual Exhibition and she will be also exhibiting in the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival as well as collaborating with Believe Creative Studio for our A13/W14 collection.
Enjoys Nikki's work and stayed tuned for our next guest designer!

Here is the mini-interview I made to Nikki:

A brief description of you as a designer and your style:
I would say my design style is rather quirky and very much geared towards kids (big & small). Having trained as a graphic designer, specializing in Typography, I've gone to the complete opposite end of the scale with pattern design - very much 'doodle' style, and not so structured.

What inspires you?
The ocean, seaside and all the elements that you find in and around the beach - I have thousands of shells I've collected over the years.

What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work?
The trial and error. The fact that I can start doodling and not know where it's going.

What is your big dream as a designer?
My dream would be to work on commissioned designs for a range at the likes of Debenhams or John Lewis, on a range of kitchen items - such as placemats, tea towels, oven gloves.
I would also love  to do some designs (FOC) on store shopping bags for special occasions - such as Breast Cancer Awareness month or Movember - have my designs on the likes of River Island, Zara and Oasis shopping bags, to raise awareness.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Introducing Believe creative studio guest designer: Eva Marion Seyffarth

I am very happy to present you one of our guest designers for Believe Creative Studio , the talented Eva Marion Seyffarth 
Eva is based in Germany , she is a surface designer, illustrator, graphic designer and art teacher. 
 Eva Marion Seyffarth

I loved reading Eva's childhood stories in her blog about her mother collecting yardage and buttons, and how Eva used to enjoy taking them ,admiring, assorting and arranging it in different color schemes . Eva believes this moments of her childhood were the foundation of her ongoing love for textiles and design.
I also enjoyed reading Eva's memories of her childhood trips to Italy with her parents, she collected lovely  family pictures as inspiration and put together a 50's pattern inspired collection called "Patio Collection" which is absolutely adorable, full of color and delightful images which literally make you smile.
Holiday Balconies Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Visit Eva's  blog and you will find all the fantastic images and the lovely pictures from her family that she used as inspiration.

Here I share with you a mini-interview I made to Eva so you can know more about her. Enjoy!

What inspires you?
All the bits and pieces of everyday life: people on the street, travel, nature, overheard conversations and words, sounds and music, books, stories and fairytales.
 Eva Marion Seyffarth design studio

What is your favorite part of the surface design work?
Sketching, developing ideas, little characters and the world around them is maybe my favorite part. As well I enjoy drawing and painting and I love the moment when a collection comes together. And I think it's totally fabulous to see my designs on products … ok, it's difficult to tell, I just love it all!

What is your big dream as a designer?
My love of surface design started way back around the year 2000 when I first came across the work of two companies: Designer's Guild and Marimekko. So it would be awesome to design for them! 
I as well dream of running my own label of handprinted products on fabric and paper.

Brief description of you as a designer and your style:
Often people tell me that my designs make them smile. This always makes my day! What better could I do in this crazy life!? My style is quirky and fun and I guess I am a natural storyteller. My background is in graphic design and illustration and I think the illustration part really shines through. Most of the time my palette is made of soft colors. I love incorporating textures and working with watercolor, gouache paint and crayon.
Far too cloudy Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Frog Prince Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Jacob Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Little Wizzard Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

All images are property of  Eva Marion Seyffarth

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visit at Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam

Yesterday I visited Kleine fabriek in Amsterdam . This is the 3rd season I attended the show and is always nice and refreshing to see what brands are doing.
The show included apparel, footwear , home decor, accessories and diverse sort of cool products, and of course the lovely book store Helden & Boeven which is definitely one of my favorite spots.

The brands that called my eye:
Peaple: A Dutch young brand with lovely design and  GOTS certified.
Bliss :A brand for Sweden with of colors and lovely prints.
Kids case: A Dutch brand with beautiful style and lovely materials.
Organic for kids had a lovely color palette and simple but lovely prints.
 My favorite apparel brand was Creamie, from Denmark with fantastic style , colors, prints and materials for girls
Image from Peaple
Image from Kidscase
Image from Creamie

Image from Creamie

My favorite home decor and accessories brand is Sebra, colors, materials and style is lovely, the crochet accessories are just adorable, and they told me that the crochet products are actually  hand- knitted by grandmas, which to me is adorable. I feel this products are actually made with love.
Image from Sebra

My two favorite products which I found the most innovative were the coloring books and postcards of Rosie Flo's
They have cute and fun products, my favorite the  Fashion show made out of paper, so the children can color their elements and stage their own catwalk. I so want one for my self !
Image from Rosie Flo's

My favorite from all show were definetly the Milestone baby cards which celebrates the achievement of babies, so you can place the card take a picture and create a beautiful memories.
I loved the idea, the lovely illustration…. Just gorgeous!
Image from Milestone baby cards

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A great designer and a great friend... Antonio Diaz (R.I.P)

and talking about dark moments in life… something very sad just happened.
I just lost a very dear friend in Mexico, Antonio Diaz was my friend for almost 20 years.
We meet while working in a textile company as textile designers, we created hand painted textile designs and color ways.
Since the beginning I was impressed with his talent, with his style and his beautiful and flawless work.
With the time we became really good friends, we use to go a lot to the movies, it was one of Antonio's passions, we shared a lot of desserts, laughs, chats and of course the good and bad moments.

Antonio was an arquitect, textile designer, jewerly designer, good dancer but mainly an excellent person and a very good friend.
We shared the same philosophy … we both believe in destiny, faith and he always told me if is meant to be… is going to be… in spanish… si es para ti, es para ti.
Trough the time our friendship got more solid, even when I left Mexico we keep in touch, we share plans & dreams.

In the past months he created beautiful designs that we exhibited in Indigo-PV in September 2011. He was happy to have the chance to design.
He was also busy learning photoshop and doing beautiful jewerly, I was lucky to get few rings and a lovely bracelet he sent me in the post as a gift, he was even considering opening  an Etsy shop. 
In December we meet in Mexico, it was such a nice time we spend together, we went to our favorite place, finally he meet Vincent and we were dreaming in getting together in Paris this september.
We hugged, we cried, we laugh and we said … see you soon.

Life had different plans for him, he lost his battle to cancer and he became an angel last week. 
With this post I want to honor his memory sharing some of his beautiful work. 
I hope this history help you to value what you have now, your friends, family  and all the opportunity you have to create, to design, to live!

Antonio was a person with an amazing talent and he created until he could, he never stop believing, he was a happy person with a lovely smile.
He was kind, extremely loyal and very supportive friend. I will never forget him, he will be in my heart and my memory everyday.
I want to keep all the good memories and I am grateful for the friendship he gave me.

Antonio: I love you my friend  my dear "hermi" and I will miss you.
I am sure you are in the hands of God and that one day we will meet again.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When in a dark moment!

This video is perfect for a Sunday.
As I told you before, I had some dark moments in my last job. A grey office, working with people that made me feel sooo  out of place, a very well paid but extremelly boring job that everyday made me feel I was waisting my time and talent, 
Luckily that moments of darkness brought me to where I am now , and is doing what I love to do the most. 
During that ugly time this song helped me to keep going and to keep hope that everything will change If I wanted to.
I hope this song gives you a bit of hope and a little push to overcome anything you may be facing today.