Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Bethan Westran

Hello: I want to share with you the amazing work of Bethan Janine Westran.
I am fascinated with Bethan patterns, they are so colorful and full of life!

Bethan is based in Sheffield UK, She is a self taught textile designer and illustrator with a BA in fashion design, Since she was a little girl she has love to draw and paint so designing patterns was a natural career choice for her.

Bethan describes her style as quirky, fun and whimsical with a touch of femininity.
Bethan likes to use ink, marker pens and watercolour but mostly she hand draw her designs, scan in and play around with the layout and colour on the computer.

Here is Bethan mini-interview 

What inspires you? 
Nature is the main influence in my work especially birds, butterflies and trees.

What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work? 
Drawing, drawing, drawing! it's my dream job!

What is your big dream as a designer? 
I dream about putting my prints on silk scarves

If you want to see more of Bethan fabulous work go to her online portfolio & connect with her in facebook

Bethan Westran
Bethan Westran studio and lovely sketches

Copyright © Bethan Westran

Copyright © Bethan Westran

Copyright © Bethan Westran

Copyright © Bethan Westran

All images of this post are property of Bethan Janine Westran

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