Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Introducing Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Phyllida Coroneo

Hello! Today I am introducing the talented and lovely Phyllida Coroneo, she is based in The UK
Phyllida graduated from Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London with a BA (Hons) in Fashion.
During her student life she had wonderful placements with UK Vogue Magazine and Carlo Pozzi Textiles in Lake Como, she  was also invited to launch the Bond Street Store for Cristal Lalique and so began her venture into interior design, Phyllida had a successful 15 year career as an Interior designer. She took some time off to be a mum, and during this time Phyllida  developed a passion for looking at wonderful and creative sites on the internet,and et voilĂ ! she  discovered Print and Pattern and then she  soon realized she had found an outlet for my love of colour and pattern and also a need to create again.  
From that moment on, Phyllida had created beautiful patterns, she loves mixing up bohemian and vintage style with contemporary design.
I love her beautiful floral patterns, her work is truly inspired by nature, I think that with her patterns an design style Phyllida can make any space  happier and beautiful.

Phyllida Coroneo

Phyllida inspiring working space

Phyllida's work  has been featured in the most important surface design blogs such as Print and Pattern, Rachel Taylor designs and Creative Sketch Book.
Enjoy Phyllida beautiful work and check her blog out!

Here is Phyllida mini-interview:

How would you describe yourself as a Designer?

Having graduated from Central St Martins College of Art & Design with a BA in Fashion and worked as an Interior Designer for many years, my designs and colour palettes are very influenced by trends in Fashion and Interiors. Colour comes first for me, followed by a passion for bohemian style florals mixed with ethnic design.  I like the contrast of free flowing  sketches with contemporary shapes.

Copyright © Phyllida Coroneo

What Inspires You?

My parents were both Artists and left London for a creative life in Somerset and I grew up surrounded by wonderful countryside and artistic people. I was very inspired by Enid Blyton and her ‘Enchanted Wood’ books as a child. The magic in the landscape and the wonderful land at the top of the faraway tree.  I kept the books for my daughter.  Now I still love the countryside and magical landscapes and the mystery and colours of different cultures.

What is your favourite part of the surface pattern design process?

I love colour and exploring unexpected colour combinations that can take my designs in a completely different direction to what I expected.

What is your big dream as a surface pattern designer?

I am very drawn to the style of Monsoon and Anthropologie and it would be incredible to produce some designs for them.  My passion over the years has been for Fashion and Interiors and it would be wonderful to have my own fabric and wallpaper collections one day.

Copyright © Phyllida Coroneo

Copyright © Phyllida Coroneo

Copyright © Phyllida Coroneo

All images are courtesy and property of Phyllida Coroneo

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