Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Anna Berger

Anna Berger  is based in Sweden!
She has a  BA in textile design from Konstfack art and craft college in Stockholm, and from London college of fashion in theater design.
Anna had  owned 2  brands Snoffsdesign and Skummis. Currently she is  designing for Skummis and also dedicated more to her own surface pattern designer portfolio.
I love Anna's free style, she has amazing skills to create beautiful hand painted sketches and put them into a pattern design in the computer.
Her characters are very expressive and sweet, and she has a great style for designing in bright and bold colors .
I really enjoy Anna's blog where she normally show the creative process of some of her work. Visit her and you will enjoy it too.

Anna Berger

Anna Berger Studio

A Mini-interview I made to Anna:

What inspires you?
I find a lot of inspiration in nature, flower, shapes and colours. I love to take my camera and go out in our garden and “disappear” for some minutes.
I also like Scandinavian retro from 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s, especially kids clothing from the 70’s is a big inspiration.
I use my camera a lot and use it almost everyday to take picture of  shapes, buildings, signs e.t.c that
comes across my way.

What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work?
To draw and paint the first step, to get your idé down on paper, then when it is in the computer it is really fun to see the pattern grow and take its own ways, trying new colours, adding small pieces and connect  new parts. And to see it finished is such a joy. Well, that was all the process not only one part!!

What is your big dream as a designer?
To be able to work as a freelance designer, spending time on mostly drawing patterns and illustrations. It would be really great to work with kids design for some bigger company, make some patterns or smaller collection for their kids collection, clothes or home wear but on freelance basis or project base. 

After the rain comes the sun       Copyright©Anna Berger

Knitting bear      Copyright @Anna Berger

Something fishy       Copyright @Anna Berger

Tree cat      Copyright @Anna Berger

You have something in your head      Copyright @Anna Berger

Images are courtesy and propety of Anna Berger


  1. Her work is a delight: witty, fun, beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Rosie.

  2. Love! So fun and these little characters are fab!


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