Sunday, June 29, 2014

A mermaid in a bottle :painting process

Hello! I want to share the final result of the new piece I have worked in the past days.
In my previous post I described to you my creative process, sketches and inspiration, now I want to share the painting process and the final result.
I decided to actually paint this piece in a common canvas, because painting in canvas make me feel very artistic!
This piece was painted  with acrylic, which is a medium I enjoy working with, although a bit messy is quite fun and friendly to achieve lost of colors and cool effects; the down side of painting with acrylic is the difficulty to paint very small and detailed lines, which I normally incorporate in my work.
I added a beautiful quote from Rumi, that I found perfect for the mood of this piece.
Personally I loved the result, please let me know what do you think of it? Do you like it?
Very soon I will be making a downloadable version so you can use to decorate your computer of phone screen.
Stay tuned!


My colors            


Work in progress

The final result                                                                                                          ©2014 Believe Creative Studio

If you are interested in seeing other artists from different parts of the world work and their  approach to the nautical theme for wall art in all sort of media and handwriting, visit the online gallery of the Lilla's Roger Make art that sells Bootcamp. 
Eye candy!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting inspired for a new assignment!

Aside of my busy days creating  baby and children's patterns collections for the Japanese and for the European market which we will be presenting to the customers in few more days,
I am  also currently working on a new assignment for the Make Art that sells Bootcamp which I take more as a treat to my self to enjoy and to discover new possibilities for my work.
The theme of this assignment is nautical and we were asked to create a piece for wall art featuring the theme and subjects as boats in a glass bottle, sea creatures, textures and typography.

Although I immediately had an idea in mind, I did my usual research in pinterest and find out amazing images, colors, techniques, ohhh a great visual treat.

Here is a glance of my pin board:

Images from different authors and published in

My sketch below was my initial option  before research, I have a particular obsession with hair, so I was pretty married with this idea, but I am a firm believer of  lateral thinking , therefore I always push myself for exploring new ideas and concepts.

Sketch by Believe Creative Studio                                                                                Option 1

During my research in pinterest I found this beautiful image (which I could not track the original author) I was amazed me by its beauty and  uniqueness, and inspired me to create a second option.
Author: Unknown                                                                          Source:

I wanted to make sure I was being inspired and I was not ripping of an original creation. I think I achieved to create  my own take from the beautiful original piece of art.
What do you think?

Sketch by Believe Creative Studio                                                                               Option 2 
Getting inspired by another piece of another artist is always a controversial topic; I do my best to respect other people work and to honor an original idea by taking it to my personal style.
I have asked Believe Creative Studio facebook followers which option they liked the most for me to use in my assignment, although initially was almost equal the votes, we majority selected Option Number 2, so I will be working on this piece next and I will share the painting process and the final result here in the blog.

Since I loved also the option 1 too I will work on that option too next!

Wishing you a great week!

The images published from belong to different authors,we are not claiming ownership on those. No copyright infringement is intended.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The biggest design of all!

Hello! Hope you are enjoying of a lovely summer.
Just recently I have designed for the biggest space I have ever done.
I have created a design for a  200 square meter factory wall in Roermond, The Netherlands.

This design was created as a submission for the contest organized by Archello and Euramax, featuring a new product called Alludesign, which basically is a multilayer digital desing coating to print any image over flat panel and aluminium sheets, specifically directed to facades of big scale.

I am very particular about entering contest, one because I want to be very cautious on what I invest my time and second, because since design contests are a growing trend is very important point to consider all the fine prints.

When I first learned about this opportunity, I found that this will be a completely different challenge of what I normally face when designing: the surface was huge, and the market is completely different for what I usually work, therefore I decide to enter and did my best.

Althought the contest is global I was lucky enough that was here in The Netherlands, so in order to understand the surface and the project I decided to drove 2 hours to the Euramax location because I not only wanted to decorate a wall, but rather to decorate the whole surrounding for what I was designing.
Can you find me??

After the visit I sketched some options but decided to go for a tree, which is one of my favorite subjects to create but also because around the street where the factory is located there were just few, so I wanted to create something full of color and life that if selected will attract the attenton of every person around it and will feature all the color possibilities of the product.

Original Sketch @2014 Believe Creative Studio

The final outcome made me really happy, I definetly won already with this challenge, in things like streching my self to create for a project completely different of what I normally create , to think on the brief and technical specifications of a huge wall and to open the posibilities to create for the biggest surface I ever imagined.

My design is called "The tree of possibilities"  and you can read more in Archello website"

Euramax factory wall in Roermond, The Netherlands                     Design by Believe Creative Studio. All rights reserved

The results will be annouced very soon, so stay tunned and please wish me luck!

Update: The winner, runner up and special mentions were announced, unfortunately  my design was not the winner, this design will be converted into a collection for fabrics and home decor… available soon!