Monday, June 24, 2013

My recent work, a children's tale bookcover : "The snail and the rose tree"

I just recently submitted my assignment for the Make art that sells class from top worldwide illustration agent Lilla Rogers, although the class runs for five weeks and each week we have different assignments for different markets, this one has a particular space in my heart, why? I always wanted to illustrate children books, The universe heard me !

The assignment was to illustrate the book cover of the "The Snail & the rose bush" written by Hans Christian Andersen. click to read the tale

The art I created for the book cover is full of me, from the characters look, expressions, the world that surrounded them, typography and the colors.

This assignment took me quite a lot of time to elaborate luckily I didn't took to much time to get my final idea, the work was in painting the piece. I didn't over thought it, I didn't force to do something out of my style, I just worked and worked, full of joy and fun.

I give it live with mixed media: watercolor, gouache, color pencils, pencil, ink, collage, and finished hand-drawing the typography (both title and credits) in illustrator, the only default typography is the sing & in the title and the copyright statement.

Although the tale can be quite obscure and even sad, I interpreted with a more positive and optimistic side. The tale talks about a rose tree that feel blessed being a rose tree and nothing else, the snail contained in himself everything he needed, he didn't care about the rest of the world. So to me that was the focus, therefore I choose to draw them with a happy expression.

I loved the result , every single inch of it!! I hope you like it too.

Here pictures from the result & the process to get into it.

Happy week!

Love Rosie xx

My final piece
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Initial sketches of the snail character
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved
Design sketch
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Hand designed typography
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Texture background
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Art completed
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer sketching spot is now open!

Hello! here in The Netherlands we are enjoying of a wonderful warm weather, so everyone move to out to the  garden and I am not the exception!
Finally my favorite corner in my garden is available for me to sketch. I work under the shadow of a growing cherry tree, next to a colorful spots of flowers.

Lately I am enjoying the process to sketch for my assignments of the Make Art that sells class, which is helping me to regain that fantastic habit to sketch before creating a design.

Do you sketch? If so, where is your favorite spot? why not to try something in the outside? 
I can assure you that the sunshine and the fresh breeze is a wonderful way to feel inspired.

Love x

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio
All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

All rights reserved ©2013 Believe creative studio

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From a busy & happy studio!

Currently my days are full of things to do and to create, therefore I am very happy! 

I  am following two fantastic  courses : Make art that sells from Lilla Rogers and Bloom true from Flora Bowley.

I am having so much fun, yet I am working hard in both courses since I want to make the best out of  them. At the end the leanings from one is helping me to compliment the assignments from the other and viceversa. 

Sporting is to me the right compliment to my creative  spirit, I have to start my day with exercise and lately I have been training for my first ever running race! I am going for 4 km at my city: Almere! 
Running is a big challenge for me, and more than a simple workout is an exercise of discipline, endurance and lots of internal power. This one in particular has a very emotional content since I am dedicating my effort to a very special people.

This is keeping me quite busy, yet I feel so happy doing it. I guess universe does conspire  to create the right and perfect moment to develop, grow, learn and enjoy.

Here some pics from my everyday life.
Hope you are having perfect moments as well.


Believe creative studio branch.... sketching under the sun with beautiful landscape around me.  
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Flower sketches ©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved
Brushes love
 ©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

One of my 3 paintings in development.
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

My number ready for the 4k race
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Monday, June 3, 2013

Drumroll!!! Sharing our 2013 Lookbook!

I am so happy to finally share the Believe creative studio 2013 Lookbook!
Finally after 4 weeks of working on it by putting together images, text, links ,pages our fabulous lookbook is out there for the world to see!

With our  lookbook I intend to show case the studio style, hand writing & philosophy, this is a representation of some of the work I have created. You will find  hand painted and digital work.
I have selected the collections based on my personal favorites.

The lookbook is divided in different collections for different type of products, mainly designs for babies, kids and teens products and also includes a description of who I am as a designer and what we do in Believe creative studio.

With this lookbook we want to reflect our love for pattern,illustration, color & characters  with a whimsical and fun approach, we hope you enjoy flipping every page same as I enjoyed designing every line of it.
I am sure you will see how much love we put on it and how much we love what we do!

Enjoy and have fun
Rosie Martinez-Dekker

To access the lookbook click here : 
Believe creative studio 2013 Lookbook

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