Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The winning of losing!

Hello !
The madness of Global Talent Search contest has passed for me, and I didn't make it to the final.
Here you can see the 6 finalist which by the way I want to sincerely congratulate. I am sure everyone did their best, there are a well know artist in the final count, which I admire and that I am sure had worked hard as well. Congratulations to the 6 of them! 

Words of gratitude.
Before going further, I want first to say A HUGE THANKS! to everyone that voted for me,  every single person that took the time to help me and to support me with spreading the word asking for votes,  good wishes, kind words and even prayers, people who do not even know me personally that supported me, also to my family, friends, fellow designers, fellow artists, my high school and university class mates, the Amsterdam small business network, the Mexican and Latin groups in The Netherlands . 
I am full of love and gratitude with each person; so honestly with that much good vibes I got this past weeks, there is no room for feelings of sadness.
I am putting my creative mind to work because I want to create a gratitude chain and to give something back to you, please stay tuned!

When I found out...
Yesterday 10th of September I was giving full day lectures at the Fashion Amsterdam Academy.
During the day we had different activities including a presentation, one of my students had problems to prepare a physical mood board and he was very nervous, so I gave him some advice of how and what to do, his presentation was fantastic, everybody got impressed and he said " well I actually had nothing to present, but the teacher told me to calm down, breath and suggested me to do it in this way", and that moment made me feel so happy and blessed, that prepared me of what was about to follow.

When I found out by mobile notifications I didn't made it to to the final, I was in a classroom with students around, so I had to control my dramatic personality and actually show no emotion... the show must go on!
During my ride in the train to home I sat there and disappointment and sadness wanted to hit me, then I found an e.mail from a wonderful fellow designer : Annette Plummer and her words touched me in a way that made me realized  how lucky I was of being surrounded of people that believe in me. Thanks Annette!

After that,I got home & I had wonderful dinner with my lovely and supportive husband: Vincent,I actually got to finally relax, went to bed and this morning there was no sign of disappointment !!!, I am full of energy, eagerness, determination,and positivity to move on and keep following my dreams with all I got!

My next steps:
I am working in different business projects right now, preparing my lectures, getting back into my painting course, preparing for receiving family from Mexico and getting ready to go back for the last module of the Make Art that sells class. 

I am back on track with my own dreams and goals:
To have my own representation agency/design studio and a future product line.
I have all the intention exhibit in Indigo -Paris in February 2014 and tentatively in Surtex NY.
So there is a bright future for Rosie Martinez-Dekker and Believe creative studio. 

Some learning's of this contest experience I want to share:
1. Do what you actually love to do and do it at your best, create and enter pieces that you absolutely love, so no matter what ,you will be always satisfied of your own result.
2. Ask for help if you need and want support, there is always kind souls willing to help. Make sure you show sincere and honest gratitude.
3. Do your best and expect the best with the mind set that a contest is a contest where will be only 1 winner ... meaning one happy person.
4. Sometimes losing is actually winning ... you never know what is around the corner so Be ready and prepared.
5. Be happy... a contest is something to do for fun losing or winning, life goes on.
6. Your talent is yours... no contest will remove that from you.

 "Everything happens for a reason" and I am positive that the plans that life have for me next will be fabulous!

My gratitude & love

©2013 Believe creative studio

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Your vote can make the difference, Make it count!!

It has been a very exciting journey with the voting process for the Global Talent Search contest!
Few days of voting campaign has given me so much.
I am a person who loves to help others, love to support and to give, but when  I need help  and support I have difficulty asking  for it, which honestly have to do a  with ego.
But on the other hand I am definitely a "go get it " kind of girl. I do my best and everything that is on my power to achieve my dreams off.
So although asking for support and help feels awkward ,I do realize that an attitude of "I am too cool to ask for votes"  will only give me the feeling that I didn't gave it all.

During this journey I have learned so much:
1. Is OK to ask for help when we really want something.
2. I am surrounded by  kind and enthusiastic family and friends... I am a very lucky person!
3. There is so many kind persons in the world that even with out not even knowing me personally are willing to support my dream... how cool is that?

On September 9th voting will be closed and on September the 10th the 6 lucky finalist will be announced. At this point I am almost 200 votes behind from the person in first place, and of course I am still not giving up! 

If you haven't vote yet, you can still vote, you can make the difference!

1. Click on the link , add your e.mail address and vote button
2. You will receive an e.mail with a link to confirm your vote ( only by doing this your vote will be valid)
If you do not receive the e.mail in your inbox, please check in your spam folder
3. Please help me to spread the word so I can get some more votes.
4. Visit the complete gallery ... there is fabulous pieces, designed by super talented people

Do you want to see the creative process of my Fresh and Fabulous" tote bag? Below you can access to:Part One
Part Two

Many thanks for your love, support and kindness!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Global Talent search -Farmers Market Tote bag part2

Hello, welcome to the second part of the behind the scenes of my submission for the Global Talent Search contest. 
Here you can check the part 1 of my post about the creative process, inspiration and painting media.

In this post you will see the texture process which I added to create the illusion of raw hemp fabric, since I though that if I wanted to produce this Tote bag I will prefer doing it in recycled polyester material to create a more resistant & sustainable tote bag and with the possibility of keeping all the hand painted details  of the illustration.

In the image below you can see how the texture was created with colored pencils and carbon pencil, vertical and horizontal lines helped to get the woven effect of the raw hemp fabric. In this stage the my beautiful autumn girl, didn't had a face, this was the very last stage & one of the most important parts of the whole illustration.

©2013 Believe creative studio 

In the image below you can see the tiny detail of the facial expression, the pen there is a 0.1 pen! This for me was the biggest challenge in the process because a little mistake could actually ruin the whole illustration. 
I practiced aside the eyes ,pinky cheeks and heart mouth I usually draw and part of the facial features for my characters. 
I wanted to create a warm ,ethereal expression suitable of the delicacy of her body language. At the end she is a ballerina dancing ballet over a tiny mushroom with a tree in her head.

©2013 Believe creative studio 
This is the picture of when I put pencils, brushes and pens down, the image was finalized and the next step was to move from the drawing table to the computer I planned to add the typography in Adobe Illustrator because I wanted a better definition on the hand written lettering I was going for.

©2013 Believe creative studio 

This is the final image which I used for the assignement:

©2013 Believe creative studio 

I had already hand sketched the lettering I was going for along the phrase I wanted to use. For me the first thing that came to my mind when I thought in a farmers market was "fresh" not only thinking about the products sold there but also the freshness of an open environment, the people relaxed around and even the music I was hearing in my inspiration story thatI had in mind since I started to work in this piece. The whole scene was playing in my head for over 2 weeks until I saw it in the reality of the illustration.
©2013 Believe creative studio 

I wanted to create a coordinate for the illustration that I could use for the tote bag handles, sides, bottom and interior trimming. Since part of my inspiration was the Mexican market I created lines with the brightest colors of the main illustration with a stripes pattern in reference of a Mexican "sarape" fabric.

©2013 Believe creative studio 

I wanted to play with a 3D mock up and I came with the idea to play with a miniature one. So I created the pattern of the tote bag , I printed it and constructed the mock up, then the fun started, I needed to find little nature that simulate what you can get in the market.  Once you start observing you can find the smallest flowers and plants you can imagine with perfect shapes and colors.

©2013 Believe creative studio 

I made 2 sizes of the mock up a tiny one and a super tiny, I just wanted to play around, in the image below you can see them compared with a normal size pen so you can get the complete idea of the scale.
©2013 Believe creative studio
©2013 Believe creative studio

©2013 Believe creative studio 

I added a illustrated image/logo of my self and I submitted my final piece. 
I can not express how much I enjoyed creating this piece, every part of the process was totally me, what I love to do, the way I love to create, and they way I would like not only to create an art piece but also how to incorporate this illustration to a real product, the materials I would use and even what I would like to put in it.

I put lots of work time & effort , lots of love & hope . I did my best and everything that was on my hands to make this piece stand out. Now I leave to faith.

©2013 Believe creative studio   CLICK THE IMAGE TO ZOOM
On September 3rd  the public gallery will be open for public voting, 5 designers will be selected by the jury and 1 more will be selected by the public voted.  The 6 semifinalist will be announced on September 10. Here you can find the schedule.
I am sure you will enjoy the fantastic pieces created for this assignments, there is too much talent around!
I just want to wish the other 49 participants lots of luck because I believe all of us are putting our heart and souls in this contest. 
Stay tuned!, I hope you enjoy the Global Talent search extravaganza in this upcoming days and of course if you like my illustration, I will certainly appreciate your votes and your help to get more of them so I can pass to the final!