Monday, August 26, 2013

Global Talent search -Farmers Market Tote bag part1

Hello! There has been too much going on lately in my studio, exciting projects, new customers and the great news: I have the honor to be part of the Amsterdam fashion Academy as a lecturer of the Fashion Business (BA) and Fashion foundation program, of course later on I will share more about this magnificent adventure I am about to start.

But before I wanted to share some visuals of my entry for the second round of the Global Talent search contest organized by Lilla's Roger studio
This piece is a design for a Farmer's market tote bag with Autumn as a Theme. 
As soon as I read the brief I immediately though in the days I lived in Portland,Or in the U.S. I actually arrived there in a September, so autumn was in the full splendor; and quite different of my autumns in Mexico City that had a total different charm.
Lavender, orange red and gold leaves, pumpkins were my main focus. A Farmers market in the U.S. is quite different form the markets in Mexico,which are quite typical of my home country.Imagine this: all the fabric roofs from the booths are bright pink, so is already a color fest a mix of bright and fresh fruit, vegetables & flowers. 
I grew up attending on Sundays with my parents to the market, you can find everything you want from a carrot to a cactus, herbs ,spices, all kind of chili and every now and then even the local "witch" selling candles and spells... Next to the quesadillas booth and with salsa music on the background! It was definitely a magic time! And this "fusion" is reflected in my piece.

I hand painted this piece with gouache, ink and colored pencils. Although my original base was a piece of a craft paper, I made some trials and decided to go for cotton paper in the color of craft paper since I wanted to play with textures to imitate hemp fabric, quite in sync with the natural focus of a farmers market.

Initial sketches, layout and color palette in progress          ©Believe Creative Studio
Different surfaces tryouts: Craft Paper, Actual whicker, Cotton paper, Recycled craft    ©Believe Creative Studio 

Final Layout                       ©Believe Creative Studio All rights reserved.

Adding color and putting life      ©Believe Creative Studio 

Let's play with contrasting blue and purple!             ©Believe Creative Studio 

Here you can see the real scale of the elements in the piece : TINY!                          ©Believe Creative Studio 

In the second part I will be sharing the final piece, coordinate and the cute 3D mini mock up I created with real mini nature, which by the way got lots of compliments!
Love XX

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am a semifinalist of the Global Talent search! YAY!

I am beyond happy, grateful  and thrilled about seeing my design as part of the 50 semifinalist of the 2013 Global Talent Search  from Lilla Rogers in collaboration with Paperchase.

There has been so much excitement and joy since I learn I was in the super expected list of 50 artist selected to go to the next round.

An overview about the contest ,which has been described by Tara Reed from the blog as the "Amercian Idols for art"

  • Number of entries: over 1500
  • Countries of entry: over 30
  • Assignment: Create a Journal cover with the theme "Playground"
  • Prize: 2 years representation from Lilla Rogers studio, one of the most renewed Illustration and design studios in the world based in Boston, US.

The assignment:
During my creative process I followed my intuition of doing  what I loved the most and hand painted my piece, following some of the fabulous learnings from the Bloom true e-course from Flora Bowley & Make Art that sells e-course from Lilla Rogers.
I immediately went to play with wind, trees and curly hair. I spend around 2 weeks in designing my piece, the sketching process was quite short the part that take more time was to hand painted the design, details in the original design are sooo tiny but I enjoyed the process a lot. If you want to see more about it please visit the behind the scenes post.

The news!
On the morning of 1st of august I woke up and gave a facebook browse & I even commented on Lilla's status about how exciting should be for her to be ready to announce the winner I even said " You must feel like Santa before the Christmas eve"
After a walk with my doggies and just ready to have breakfast I saw my phone going nuts with congratulation messages... ehhh?? didn't understand right away since I was expecting the results later on that day. 
As the big cryer  I am, I started to cry literally out loud of emotion, then ... when I checked the messages and the link from my phone I felt like a cold bucket of water in my body... my name was above the image of someone else's artwork... then I started to cry even louder..."They made a mistake " I thought. Took me a little to put my self together...  I cleaned my tears  went to the garden out, breath and stay there for a little while and between flowers & butterflies, one of my most important words came to my mind: BELIEVE !!
I went right away to my studio, in the 3rd floor of our home, open the link right in my computer monitor and yes!!!... my name and artwork was right there in the 50 selected! 
The mean phone display play me a mean trick! 

Of course crying again I called my husband at work to share the news, then I did the happy dance to my dogs and I celebrated with a mariachi scream AYAYAYAAAAA!

I can not be more grateful with all my fellow designers, friends and family words of support and love.

The next steps:
I am going to the second round, I already started working on the second assignment, this time we are designing a Tote bag for a farmers market , the Theme is fall. Out of the 50 only 6 artists will be selected to the next round, and of course I would love to be one of them. 5 artists will be selected by the judging panel and one more will be chosen by the public votes, on september 10th the 6 finalist will be selected and pass to the next round for a 3rd assignement. The winner will be announced on October 3rd!
Here the official schedule

Please wish me luck during the process and to the next round.
Lots of love

Do not miss the opportunity to see the fabulous work of the other 49 artists selected, you will see gorgeous work, diverse techniques and interpretations of the theme, is a candy for your eyes, and want to take the opportunity to wish each of them luck and to say is an honor to be listed next to such amazing & talented people.