Monday, July 29, 2013

Your Life is to be celebrated!

Today is a celebration day to me, since I am celebrating the life and the friendship of my dear friend and soul brother Antonio (RIP)  who departure last year to a better place and today will be his birthday.

Antonio honored being my friend for almost 20 years, he was a talented creative, textile designer, architecht, jewelry designer and much more, he was an amazing human being, and a great  friend.

Rather to be sad of how much I miss him I decided to be happy and to make it a day of celebration of his life and the time he gave me as my friend.
I started my day by doing my favorite things, walking my dogs and cycling trough the woods in a fantastic warm day in the beauty of dutch nature. Later on I enjoyed lunch in the garden with my beloved husband and my doggies and cat surrounded with flowers.

As part of my love and Antonio's for design and color, 
I created a card which I have shared in social media and encourage everyone to share and to post it in friends wall to express how much we love them and how much we value they are in our lives.
If you want to learn more about Antonio and to see some of the work he created for Indigo-Paris last year visit the 
blog post I made about him.

Join me to the celebration, In loving memory of Antonio, and let's celebrate LIFE!


by Believe creative studio

Monday, July 22, 2013

Global talent search - Journal Cover

After 5 weeks of working on the "Make art that sales" class assignments, I decided  to be part of the Global Talent Search contest organized by the course super teacher and worldwide recognized artist and agent Lilla Rogers and in association with Paperchase, a stationary company with wonderful products..

The assignment was to create a Journal cover with the Playground theme. I didn't thought it twice before focusing in my love for swings.
I decided to work in traditional media and to hand -paint my design due my love to paint and water.
An I gave the final touches with illustrator even some fixes from the finished hand painted piece.
After few weeks in working on this project I am certainly happy with the final result.
This is definitely a journal I would love to own and to write in.
The contest will have a next step, in the first one, 50 designs will be chosen over hundreds and hundreds of submissions.
Wish me luck!
Love x
©2013 Believe creative studio

©2013 Believe creative studio

©2013 Believe creative studio

©2013 Believe creative studio

©2013 Believe creative studio

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A full day of actually doing.... nothing!

After 5 intense weeks of almost full dedication as student of the course "Make art that sells" and  doing lots of projects, going here and there, doing this and that; I realized I wanted and I needed to take a full day off.
Is not that my work requires too much of a physical effort than a mental effort, which is exhausting if you do not stop. I am the kind of person that has lots of things in the mind at the same time, I wake up in the middle of the night solving the color I need to use in my next design, and my creative process origin is in my day to day life, everything I see is a source of inspiration for my design work, meaning I never stop creating. 
I know how does it feel to have a tired body and I know what to do to have some rest, but a tired mind? That is why I decided to take a completely day of doing nothing and even being in complete silence. Even though I am in a very busy working period with several projects running at the time I though by making a full day stop will benefit me more that keep going.
Although I take free time during the day and have a relaxed life style by not  having a strict schedule, my mental work is 24/7, the reason is that my work is also my hobby and my passion, therefore is quite difficult to actually stop.
I found some interesting articles related to this practice and some other healthy habits for creative people  that I wanted to share with you. 
"The No1 Habit of highly creative people" from zen habits
"The power of doing nothing" from Health and wellness magazine

Do you take free time? What activities you enjoy doing that helps to free your mind? 
I hope you do if not, why you do not try to make a pause even if this represents only one full luxurious hour of doing nothing!

Rosie x

My view: a cherry tree branches in my garden.

Enjoyed flipping one of my favorite magazines.
I started coloring a page in the magazine with no official color rules.

Had a nap in my favorite corner in my garden

Contemplated this spot for a long time

Oh joy!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Believe creative studio designs published in Texitura 50!

I am so proud to share that 11 of my designs are being published in Texitura issue 50, which is one of the most recognized trend magazine world wide.

Image courtesy of Texitura

Texitura was born in 1985 in Spain and has become in a must have as a resource for inspiration for several markets of design such as home decor, fashion, stationary, textiles & plastics.

Texitura offers trend forecast on color and pattern with 18 months anticipation. The issue 50 is dedicated to Autumn-Winter 2014/2015. The magazine is a beautiful display of work of different artists and designers around the world, which are selected trough submitting artwork according to the global trends and brief provided.

Texitura is distributed in over 20 countries, and in the most important trend shows around the world and can be ordered online on Texitura website.

Once again a dream come true! back in the day, when I was a in-house designer in Mexico, we used to received Texitura as a source of inspiration, today, in Believe creative studio studio I hold a "vintage" edition from 1990.

Texitura from 1990

Who will tell me back then that one day my work will be published there as a source for inspiration?

Dreams come true!


Inside pages Texitura

Inside pages Texitura

Some of the 11 designs