Monday, July 29, 2013

Your Life is to be celebrated!

Today is a celebration day to me, since I am celebrating the life and the friendship of my dear friend and soul brother Antonio (RIP)  who departure last year to a better place and today will be his birthday.

Antonio honored being my friend for almost 20 years, he was a talented creative, textile designer, architecht, jewelry designer and much more, he was an amazing human being, and a great  friend.

Rather to be sad of how much I miss him I decided to be happy and to make it a day of celebration of his life and the time he gave me as my friend.
I started my day by doing my favorite things, walking my dogs and cycling trough the woods in a fantastic warm day in the beauty of dutch nature. Later on I enjoyed lunch in the garden with my beloved husband and my doggies and cat surrounded with flowers.

As part of my love and Antonio's for design and color, 
I created a card which I have shared in social media and encourage everyone to share and to post it in friends wall to express how much we love them and how much we value they are in our lives.
If you want to learn more about Antonio and to see some of the work he created for Indigo-Paris last year visit the 
blog post I made about him.

Join me to the celebration, In loving memory of Antonio, and let's celebrate LIFE!


by Believe creative studio

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