Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer is here!!

For those who know The dutch weather knows how appreciated are the warm and sunny days in The Netherlands. Coming from my sunny Mexico is difficult to leave behind the love for the sun.
I am officially a solar operated creature!

Today I feel really lucky and blessed because  I have the opportunity to work from my studio, leaving windows open to allow the sun to acompany me while I am working. I open doors and windows allowing the breeze to come in. The breeze brings me the right mood to create.

I certainly do not miss those days when I have to be in the office just watching trought the window, hoping one day I can set my self free to enjoy the sunny days!

I hope you are also enjoying of a lovely summer wherever you are!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

For first time my work in Surtex!

I am super excited because my work is being exhibited for the first time in  New York in Surtex represented by the great  Studio van den Broek.

A created a fun collection of greeting cards, napkings and wrapping paper. I hope my work is well accepted in the US Market!

Wish us luck !

Friday, May 18, 2012

A lovely post about me & my work in Creative Sketchbook: Emerging Design Talent: Rosie Martinez-Dekker

Wow! so happy and grateful for the lovely post on the Creative Sketchbook blog about  me and my work from the lovely Gemma Robinson. Is really cool  and very exciting to see my work and my history featured in such a lovely spots.
This things really make me feel proud of my self , happy  and motivated and most of all grateful with all the people that cross in my path like Gemma but also like Rachel Taylor and Beth Nichols with the super  e-course The Art and business of surface pattern design , who has not only provided knowledge but also confidence to create beautiful designs being myself and believeing in my work.
Thanks Gemma, Rachel and Beth!

Creative Sketchbook: Emerging Design Talent: Rosie Martinez-Dekker: Today I am introducing new and emerging design talent which will become a regular addition to Creative Sketchbook: Rosie Martinez-Dekker ...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Connecting the dots

Woohoo today  I sent the last pieces  of the collection that will be exhibited in  New York  in Surtex represented by the amazing Studio van den Broek 
The collection is focused in napkins and greeting cards and while doing the pictures I had a dejavu of the moment that brought me to the point I am now, and I realize I should share my history, with you. 
I always had a love for color, clothes and fashion. My father had a little garment factory in Mexico, sometimes I supported  the family business with this as  stuff like packing and labeling garments.
Since then I think I have a romance with garments, fabrics and thread. 
I always had an interest for colorful stuff, toys, papers, fabrics,stickers,etc.  I also loved making Barbie dresses and making them the whole styling from the hair to the shoes and accessories. 
But my parents always encouraged me to study business, to be in charge of the family company as a profession.

I thought it will be cool to be the boss, so I follow that idea. In high school I started to do amateur greeting cards. I had the 2D typical with hearts and flowers but then I became more inventive, 
I started doing 3D cards, adding layers with tape and adding lots of colors to the graphics.
One day right before getting into college ,the teacher of Economics asked me… why do you want to study business? Why you don't study graphic desig .You have talent!
I guess he changed my life… because in that moment I decided that is what I wanted to do. 
I sticked to my decision despite my parents disagreement; at the end they were totally supportive with my decision.

The girl in the late 80's who was doing greeting cards out of plain paper and tape is today sending the first collection of greeting cards to New York.
I guess deep in my heart I always wanted to do something special and today somehow all the dots have connected, I am very proud, grateful  and blessed,with all the support I have from friends and family and mainly from my husband Vincent ;all my dreams are coming true!

Coincidentally today in Mexico is also the celebration of "teacher day" and I want honor  professor Velez, he was who opened my eyes and the very first in believing in my designer career.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inspiration for the weekend!

Hello! I want to share with you this inspirational video about doing what you love and using your gifts to make this world more beautiful.
This video represents to me all the reasons for  leaving the corporate world to follow my passion  and putting color and happiness around with my designs.

Source: (The 1 book)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The winning of losing

I have to confess today I am a bit dissapointted I didn't make it to the Final 8 designers in the Fabric 8 competition, but is fine, I wish tons of luck to the finalist... how exciting for them!

The best thing about this competition  all the support I got from friends and family but also a lot of good comments and votes from the spoonflower participants as well.
I cannot thank everyone enough for taking the time to vote and for givving me a good comments about Amsterdam in love.

But today I have a very nice price to be happy for and that is the feature with a mini interview in the Limobliss which I particularly love, I find very nice, creative and inspirational spot created by Moni Escobar blogging about those little moments of bliss & hapiness, those ones that we need to treasure everyday. Check it out is fab!

As part of the price I also got a feature in Rachel Taylor designs blog, a fab designer and a great teacher of the Surface Pattern design course I am taking.
rachaeltaylordesigns: Rosie Martinez-Dekker

Both features were part of the price for winning the Limobliss illustration competition which I won with this design, Bliss in wheels, which I created inspired in one of my favorites things to do which is cycling, I also include my adorable Maya and Camila and my lovely cat Prunilla.
I will hang the original artwork in my studio.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fabric 8 competition by Robert Kaufman and Spoonflower

I am trilled to share with all of you  that I have been selected from Robert Kaufman and Spoon flower  Fabric 8 global contest as semifinalist from over 750 designers, I am with the top 100 selected!!

I have submitted a design called Amsterdam in love. 
With this design I wanted to pay a tribute to the country that has given me so much love.
Representing the most important city of The Netherlands. 
I wanted to create something with lots of details. The design has a lot of elements important in my life, of course my love and me are there, my doggies Maya and Camila, and my cat Prunilla. This design has a lot of me!
I hand-painted it with watercolor and ink which is the theme of this competition.

"Fabric8 is a competition to discover eight of the world's best amateur textile designers, one of whom will be chosen to develop a new collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Judges have chosen 100 semifinalists from a pool of over 750 entries. Until May 9th, cast your votes to help select the top 8 designers"

I really need your support with your vote  because  between 3-9   May, audiences around the world will vote for their favorite design in the Spponflower site.
Those votes will determine the final eight designers, each of whom will be asked to develop a collection of eight fabrics based on their original designs by June 5, 2012.

If you want to give me your vote, follow the link below the picture, browse until you find it, go to the page 7 fill in the security codes and hit the submission buttons and there you go!

Be part of this.... and help me to make another dream come true.