Monday, June 24, 2013

My recent work, a children's tale bookcover : "The snail and the rose tree"

I just recently submitted my assignment for the Make art that sells class from top worldwide illustration agent Lilla Rogers, although the class runs for five weeks and each week we have different assignments for different markets, this one has a particular space in my heart, why? I always wanted to illustrate children books, The universe heard me !

The assignment was to illustrate the book cover of the "The Snail & the rose bush" written by Hans Christian Andersen. click to read the tale

The art I created for the book cover is full of me, from the characters look, expressions, the world that surrounded them, typography and the colors.

This assignment took me quite a lot of time to elaborate luckily I didn't took to much time to get my final idea, the work was in painting the piece. I didn't over thought it, I didn't force to do something out of my style, I just worked and worked, full of joy and fun.

I give it live with mixed media: watercolor, gouache, color pencils, pencil, ink, collage, and finished hand-drawing the typography (both title and credits) in illustrator, the only default typography is the sing & in the title and the copyright statement.

Although the tale can be quite obscure and even sad, I interpreted with a more positive and optimistic side. The tale talks about a rose tree that feel blessed being a rose tree and nothing else, the snail contained in himself everything he needed, he didn't care about the rest of the world. So to me that was the focus, therefore I choose to draw them with a happy expression.

I loved the result , every single inch of it!! I hope you like it too.

Here pictures from the result & the process to get into it.

Happy week!

Love Rosie xx

My final piece
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Initial sketches of the snail character
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved
Design sketch
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Hand designed typography
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Texture background
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved

Art completed
©2013 Believe creative studio All rights reserved


  1. Discovered your blog today. The cover looks lovely and thank you for sharing the whole process!

  2. Looks amazing Rosie. Your drawing is so abstract, reminds me of Chagal. x


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