Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The biggest design of all!

Hello! Hope you are enjoying of a lovely summer.
Just recently I have designed for the biggest space I have ever done.
I have created a design for a  200 square meter factory wall in Roermond, The Netherlands.

This design was created as a submission for the contest organized by Archello and Euramax, featuring a new product called Alludesign, which basically is a multilayer digital desing coating to print any image over flat panel and aluminium sheets, specifically directed to facades of big scale.

I am very particular about entering contest, one because I want to be very cautious on what I invest my time and second, because since design contests are a growing trend is very important point to consider all the fine prints.

When I first learned about this opportunity, I found that this will be a completely different challenge of what I normally face when designing: the surface was huge, and the market is completely different for what I usually work, therefore I decide to enter and did my best.

Althought the contest is global I was lucky enough that was here in The Netherlands, so in order to understand the surface and the project I decided to drove 2 hours to the Euramax location because I not only wanted to decorate a wall, but rather to decorate the whole surrounding for what I was designing.
Can you find me??

After the visit I sketched some options but decided to go for a tree, which is one of my favorite subjects to create but also because around the street where the factory is located there were just few, so I wanted to create something full of color and life that if selected will attract the attenton of every person around it and will feature all the color possibilities of the product.

Original Sketch @2014 Believe Creative Studio

The final outcome made me really happy, I definetly won already with this challenge, in things like streching my self to create for a project completely different of what I normally create , to think on the brief and technical specifications of a huge wall and to open the posibilities to create for the biggest surface I ever imagined.

My design is called "The tree of possibilities"  and you can read more in Archello website"

Euramax factory wall in Roermond, The Netherlands                     Design by Believe Creative Studio. All rights reserved

The results will be annouced very soon, so stay tunned and please wish me luck!

Update: The winner, runner up and special mentions were announced, unfortunately  my design was not the winner, this design will be converted into a collection for fabrics and home decor… available soon!


  1. Wow Rosie, that wall is just great! I wish you all the best.
    Dawn x

  2. That is amazing!!! I wish I had something like that in my house but a smaller version. I love your work congrats!

    1. Hi dear Louise, thanks a lot for your kind words and for taking the time to visit the blog.
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
      Rosie Martinez-Dekker


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