Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Miranda Mol

Miranda Mol is based in Den Bosh inThe Netherlands. 
Miranda Mol in her studio

Miranda, graduated in Textile Design with a BA in Tilburg the Netherlands. During several  years she has  worked freelancing as colorist and  designer. 
Miranda started her own company in lightning design.
After a while  Miranda decided to return to her other great ‘love’: Surface Pattern Design.
Miranda has great achievements , her work has been selected to be featured in the Pattern Base book and also she was runner up in a Rug designer competition from Elle Decoration.

She really has a very particular and unique style full of colorful geometric shapes very intrincated, but very well balanced full of color, her patterns are visual delight. Miranda is a very talented designer, super enthusiastic ! I love her positive spirit!

If you want to see more about Miranda's work visit her lovely blog, you will definetly will be fascinated with her work.

Here is the mini-interview I made to Miranda:

What inspires you?
All my life I’ve been totally addicted to colors and patterns. As a kid I liked sewing and knitting clothes for my puppets and for myself, using the most beautiful colorful fabrics. 
I find my inspiration in structures in nature, architecture and everywhere. Also I can get  many ideas from cultural expressions, like arabic patterns, etnics and tropicals. And the retro time of 70’s another my favorites, I  like to transform my ideas in patterns that are organical, symmetrical, colorful and full of expression.  
What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work?
My favorite part of the surface design work is playing around with forms and colors. Mostly I translate my inspirations sources indirectly. I like starting by drawing some lines and forms, combining elements, often to abstract compositions. Love that process of experiments. When I have made a lot of these sketched elements I take a look to how to transform this in repeats and patterns. 

What is your big dream as a designer?
My big dream as designer is to start my own brand one day. Also designing for firms like Ikea and Hema are the goals I really like to achieve!

Mexican                              Copyright©Miranda Mol

Mosaique                        Copyright©Miranda Mol

Swirling Tile                    Copyright©Miranda Mol

Tangerine Tiles                       Copyright©Miranda Mol

Zigzag                     Copyright©Miranda Mol
All images are courtesy and property of Miranda Mol


  1. I love Miranda's work, her generous way of being and her determination. Go, girl!

  2. Your designs look fantastic!I also love this type of geometric/symetrical patterns too.

  3. Fantastic designs and fab post. Always love Miranda's colours and the energy that these designs evoke. Loved reading about her inspiration and design process!


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