Monday, August 13, 2012

Introducing Believe Creative Studio guest designer: Veronica Galbraith

Veronica is an enthusiastic and talented  designer originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK.
Veronica Galbraith
Vero in her colorful studio

Vero graduated in Product Design 15 years ago and had a career in graphics for print and web. After finishing university, Vero worked in a company designing materials for the fashion industry, including printed and woven labels, packaging, catalogues and posters.
In the year 2000 she decided to go to England to study English and do a multimedia course, and then... love happened! Vero married her English teacher and she has  been living in England since then.

Veronica worked in London for a web design agency for a few months and then move to Cornwall in 2003 to start a family,and then... motherhood happened!  And after spending 7 years as a full-time mum, she was ready to go back to the creative arena  and then... surface pattern design happened! 
She found her true passion  and used her graphics skills to start a new path.
You  can learn  more about  Vero and get in touch with her, in her lovely blog  Pitter Pattern, where records and shares her learning process to become successful surface pattern designer.

I love reading  Veronica history, and if you go back a bit in her post, you will find her journey from the starting point  when she published  the question:  When was the last time you did something for the first time?
and if you see her recent post you will find that in a very short time Vero is already having great achievements as a surface pattern designer, her work has been featured in several blogs, contest and  her work is going to be part of the Pattern base book!! 
I find it amazingly inspiring & I am sure you will too!

Vero  style consists of bold graphic elements, striking colour combinations and a cheery, playful attitude. I love that in her work you can find her latin roots with some of her motifs and lovely combinations of bright and bold colors.

Here is the mini-interview I made to Vero: 

What inspires you?
I honestly think that inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere so I keep my eyes peeled, but seeing an amazing colour combination, in nature or elsewhere, makes my brain whirl with ideas. I love rummaging around the web as well, the amount of inspiration that can be found on there is amazing, if a bit overwhelming.

What is your favourite part of the surface pattern design work?Sitting at the computer ready to make an idea/sketch come to life and seeing the page fill with shapes and colours.

What is your big dream as a designer?I would like to establish a well known brand, have my own range of home and stationery products and see my designs licensed here, there and everywhere!

Copyright © Veronica Galbraith

Copyright © Veronica Galbraith

Copyright © Veronica Galbraith

Copyright © Veronica Galbraith

Copyright © Veronica Galbraith

Images courtesy and property of Veronica Galbraith


  1. Gorgeous post, interview and patterns. I love to see new pictures of Vero too!

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