Friday, July 13, 2012

Introducing Believe creative studio guest designer: Eva Marion Seyffarth

I am very happy to present you one of our guest designers for Believe Creative Studio , the talented Eva Marion Seyffarth 
Eva is based in Germany , she is a surface designer, illustrator, graphic designer and art teacher. 
 Eva Marion Seyffarth

I loved reading Eva's childhood stories in her blog about her mother collecting yardage and buttons, and how Eva used to enjoy taking them ,admiring, assorting and arranging it in different color schemes . Eva believes this moments of her childhood were the foundation of her ongoing love for textiles and design.
I also enjoyed reading Eva's memories of her childhood trips to Italy with her parents, she collected lovely  family pictures as inspiration and put together a 50's pattern inspired collection called "Patio Collection" which is absolutely adorable, full of color and delightful images which literally make you smile.
Holiday Balconies Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Visit Eva's  blog and you will find all the fantastic images and the lovely pictures from her family that she used as inspiration.

Here I share with you a mini-interview I made to Eva so you can know more about her. Enjoy!

What inspires you?
All the bits and pieces of everyday life: people on the street, travel, nature, overheard conversations and words, sounds and music, books, stories and fairytales.
 Eva Marion Seyffarth design studio

What is your favorite part of the surface design work?
Sketching, developing ideas, little characters and the world around them is maybe my favorite part. As well I enjoy drawing and painting and I love the moment when a collection comes together. And I think it's totally fabulous to see my designs on products … ok, it's difficult to tell, I just love it all!

What is your big dream as a designer?
My love of surface design started way back around the year 2000 when I first came across the work of two companies: Designer's Guild and Marimekko. So it would be awesome to design for them! 
I as well dream of running my own label of handprinted products on fabric and paper.

Brief description of you as a designer and your style:
Often people tell me that my designs make them smile. This always makes my day! What better could I do in this crazy life!? My style is quirky and fun and I guess I am a natural storyteller. My background is in graphic design and illustration and I think the illustration part really shines through. Most of the time my palette is made of soft colors. I love incorporating textures and working with watercolor, gouache paint and crayon.
Far too cloudy Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Frog Prince Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Jacob Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

Little Wizzard Copyright © Eva Marion Seyffarth

All images are property of  Eva Marion Seyffarth


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely feature, Rosie! I enjoy very much to be part of the team!

  2. Gorgeous work, Eva. Some new to me. Lovely post, Rosie. So happy I am in.

  3. Very cute and inspiring Eva interview. That balcony scene will always stay fresh in my mind. Funny when I see french balcony I remember this beautiful illustration.

  4. It's a great post Rosie! Nice to see you Eva, and to see your beautiful work too, wow.....
    Yes, Paris, here we come!!


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