Thursday, April 12, 2012

A cardboard dream

Today I came across to an amazing history of a 9 year old boy Caine, that created his own arcade out of cardboard.
Caine is an inspiration for drive and no limitations on doing something he really believe in. A super creative and genious mind, with no fear to failure.
The father from Caine is a great dad, allowing his boy not only to imagine amazing things, but actually encouraging him and supporting him to make things happen.
And all this history became big when a fantastic guy, Nirvan Mullick, saw the arcade, meet Caine, believe on him and help him to make his dream come true.
This history is so inspirational and I hope it touched you as it touched me.
I think a creative mind with a power on believing in himself can actually make wonders happen.
Will be great if we all have the courage to make our dreams come true even if they seem a cardboard dream, it actually can became an amazing history.
Come on... get your cardboard pieces,your tape and your imagination out there, start today!

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