Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Virginia Kamau, Believe Creative Studio guest designer

Virginia is a talented designer born in Nairobi named at birth Njeri, which means a warrior's daughter.
Vriginia is based in Sweden, where she also attended University.
She wanted to enrich her passion in colors and she specialized in Surface Pattern design.
Virginia (Njeri)  Kamau 

Njeri Designs studio 

Virginia describes her style as very expressive and playful a mix which results into bold, bright,vibrant and exotic patterns.

I love the mix of elements and tribal motifs Virginia uses in her designs. I think is fantastic, the way she mix lines and forms to create beautiful patterns.

If you are interested of learning more about Virginia's visit her blog  where she shares DIY ideas, design tips, books she loves and she also features artists and creatives whom she admires or people who are a big inspiration in Virginias life.
Enjoy her lovely work !

Here is the mini-interview I made to Virginia.

What inspires you?
I have a very huge appetite for inspiration and that means, inspirations have got to be within rich to satisfy my appetite. 
So, certainly my ideas crop up from just any thing around the place I have my presence on at a given time. 
And lately I have become so bound with nature and especially on wild flowers. 

What is your favorite part of the surface pattern design work?
Absolute favorite is color choosing and coloring. Seeing how different color palettes choice result to different feelings is magical and I probably take ages on this part. I am learning though to limit my time as I could really spend time on coloring. 

What is your big dream as a designer?
O' I have a dream and it is with no doubt to sell my designs all over the globe keeping everyone's heart warm!

Copyright © Believe Creative Studio

Copyright © Believe Creative Studio

Copyright © Believe Creative Studio

                                          Images courtesy and property of Virginia Kamau


  1. I love her spontaneous patterns. You rock, Vee!

  2. Really colourful and fresh! Lovely post, Rosie and Virginia!


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