Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello spring!

Hello! I am getting back into speed and there is steam in the studio since I am  finalizing designs for Surtex
that will be exhibited in NY in May trough my agent.

In the past weeks I went for a lovely and sunny holidays to my beloved Mexico. It has great time that I shared with friend and family and I must confess that although I brought my sketchbook and lots of pencils and pens I did absolutely nothing! and to be honest was also refreshing; previous to the holidays I had to much to do that I needed a mental break, and in all honesty was great. I feel with more and renewed energy to play with designs now that I am back at the studio.

In April 6th we celebrated our second anniversary! It has been a great adventure and we hope for many years to come. 
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Also I had the great opportunity to speak in amazing university Universidad Iberoamericana about my professional career, was fantastic to return after so many years since I picked my official title as Graphic designer.

Conference was great, I appreciate that despite was the delivery of final semester projects students and teachers attended to hear my history and experiences, it was fantastic to hear I am making my teachers and my school proud.

Sadly I didn't ask anyone to make pictures, so there is not  visuals to share, but I practice something that at home we call"mental pictures" which honestly are the ones that last forever.

Happy Monday!

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