Monday, May 5, 2014

We are back!

After a glorious month of holidays in the warm, sunny and beautiful Mexico, I am back in the Believe Creative Studio studio in The Netherlands. I came back to find the dutch spring in its own splendor, beautiful sunshine, green everywhere,singing birds, flowers and all the beauty that this season brings.

During the month of holiday I had the opportunity to completely rest my mind and to the amazing experience to have my soul filled with love, good energy and happiness by being surrounded by my  family and friends; and what better way  to feel inspired and  recharged?
I am fully ready to continue the mission of making beauty and filling this world with color and joy.

During the month of April  we also celebrated  Believe Creative Studio 3 years since we found it and of course we celebrated with some cocktails in the beach, but of course we will be sharing this joy as well with a little give away… so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

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