Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to school!

I can describe myself as an eternal student. I love to learn from everything and everyone. Since I was a child I have been in lots of classes and that is something I will always be grateful with my parents for. 
I was always the kind of girl who had always things to do after school,things like painting, tennis, karate, swimming, piano, gymnastics, and all kinds of dances where in my list of things to learn, I had to try all and at the end stick with the ones I liked the most, then swimming and painting where the ones that actually make a mark in the person who I became.

I believe education is a privilege and and an opportunity , a big one actually! If you for instance think in a girl like Malala Yousafzai and her history you will realize how lucky we are to be able to be able to study and to learn things in freedom. "Malala, a 15-year-old schoolgirl from Pakistan, was shot by the Taliban in October 2012 because she believed girls should have the right to go to school. Her story of bravery, determination, and passion for learning in the face of almost unimaginable odds captured the attention of the world and inspired a global movement for girls’ education".(source abc news)

In 2011 I joined the course "The Art and Business of surface pattern design" by Rachel Taylor & Beth Nichols, this course was  fantastic , full of information, inspiration and motivation where I could refresh my knowledge in the design industry and where I could see all the possibilities I had for my design business in addition to designing for textiles and I  also meet a group of talented and supportive group of fellow designers.

This year I enrolled to a new course called Make Art That Sells  by Lilla Rogers & once again Beth Nichols.

Lilla Rogers is one of the most respected illustration agencies in the world, representing 38 international artists globally. The Lilla Rogers studio was established in 1984 by Lilla Rogers, a successful artist and a illustration teacher that decided to initiate a big adventure to represent other talented illustrators and help them to achieve their dreams.

This course will be divided in 2 parts and will start in June (Part A) and in October (Part B) and it  give insight in depth into the most lucrative markets for art.  Experts who actually buys art for renowned brands will be giving advise and Lilla Rogers herself will be giving feedback about the students work.

So.. as soon as I heard this course will be available, I didn't thought it twice and enrolled myself, because I want to learn from the best and specially because Lilla is an inspiration for her amazing talent as agent & artist and for the way she supports and promotes other talented artist to make their art profitable.

Last year I exhibited in Indigo-Premiere vision in Paris the Believe creative studio design collection for 2nd time, then I got the idea to invite other designers to contribute to the design collection and suddenly I found my self being an agent, having  the honor to represent 15 other talented designers from around the globe.If you want to hear more here is a post about it.

I wanted to share such a fantastic opportunity I had  and helping others to sell their art was a fantastic experience which I would like to keep doing.

I want success and abundance for me, but I also want to share it with others, and Lilla Rogers definitely knows how to do that. 

If you want to learn more about of Lilla Rogers course just click here,you still have time to join!!

Lilla Rogers School Logo by Suzy Ultman          Illustration by Rosie Martinez-Dekker ©2013 Believe creative studio

Stop press!!! 
Do you want to get a free spot in the course starting in June!!!or do you want to be part of the Global Talent search competition where you will win a 2 year representation by Lilla Rogers studio? visit do what you love for life blog


  1. Excellent post Rosie. I am an eternal student just like you! For me it's not just design but everything! I want to know all there is about the whole world!
    You are so right. We are so blessed to be able to learn in a free society. Very lucky in fact.
    I wish you the best of luck with your future.
    Fly high towards the sun (just like your illustration!)

    1. Thanks Tina! Same to you, best of luck in everything your do :)
      happy weekend (almost)
      Believe xx


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