Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Designer interview! The one and only: Majo Bautista

Today I have the pleasure to have in the blog the fabulous and super enthusiastic Majo, who is based in Milan,Italy and 
her studio's name is : MaJoBV 
Majo is a Fashion, Textile and Surface Pattern Designer in L♥VE with whimsical, bright, quirky, fun design, nail-art, dogs and fake eyelashes.

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Her work...
"My work is fun, bright and happy. I create patterns for different markets and surfaces with the sole intention of making people smile. It is my dream and project to have my own line of apparel and toys for children and dogs".
Happy by MajoBV©All rights reserved

She gets inspiration from...
"I get inspiration from EVERYTHING!!! I find inspiration everywhere I go. I truly believe, if you look at the world with curious eyes you'll find beauty and interesting things everywhere."

Veggie babies by MajoBV©All rights reserved

Why she became a designer...
"My dream had always been to be a Fashion Designer (ever since I can remember). However, for me garments have always been about the feel of the fabric, its colors, and its designs. I like simple silhouettes and cuts but with striking textiles, and that's why I started studying them while still in Design School in Colombia. I did some more Textiles while in my Fashion BA, but it wasn't until I graduated and discovered Spoonflower that I started to really work on textile design. Then, last year, while taking the ABSPD course, I discovered that there was a whole world called Surface Pattern Design and that textiles was just a part of it. "
Happy face MajoBV©All rights reserved

Why she loves being a designer...
"My favorite part is to show it to people and see how the react to my work. I love getting feedback, even if it isn't always good. I'm in continuous evolution, both personally and professionally, so criticism can help realize what works and what, on the other hand, needs to be improved. I also enjoy seeing my work on ready products, and like it even more when I see it on someone that has bought it: it means that they like it and that's all that matters!" 

Sweethearts by MajoBV©All rights reserved

Her upcoming projects...
"Well...there are plenty, but the most immediate one is my online class called Reign Repeats: create perfect repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. I've partnered with Skillshare to create this class to share with people my own creative process and also how to use one of my favorite design tools: ILLUSTRATOR

The class is for surface pattern designers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, crafters and anyone else who is interested in pattern design using Adobe Illustrator. 

You'll submerge in the wonderful world of patterns, and learn how to use the basic Illustrator tools to bring to life your ideas. You'll learn how to create a repeat, both the old-school way and using Illustrator CS6 new Pattern Tool. At the end of the class you'll be able to create your own designs for you to use however you want; for example, to sell your own fabric on Spoonflower. To help you get started with this, you'll create a repeat for a Spoonflower contest as part of the final project. 

I'll explain you how to get your hand-drawn sketches vectorised (even if you don't have a scanner), how to apply colour and then easily re-colour your design to create new colour ways, the different types of repeats and how to make them, and how to solve most of the common problems that arise when using Illustrator. I'll also teach you how to prepare perfect files for you to get your best results on Spoonflower.

At the end of the class, I'll choose the top 15 designs and will showcase them on my blog and Facebook page. For a week I'll ask my readers to vote for their favourite designs and the top 3 voted will receive some fab prizes donated by Spoonflower. 

This course will be packed with lots of useful info, helpful resources, and inspirational interviews from great designers that have come to reign repeats. If you can't wait to get your ideas on to fabric or any other printed surface, don't miss the class… enroll now! by clicking here you will be directed to the enrollment page

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Her big dream as a designer...
"I dream of having a world-wide well-established
Eco-conscious lifestyle brand with product lines for children, pets and eventually, grown-ups too". 

Her favorite medium to design...
"Simple pen and paper and then Illustrator "
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How she stays motivated...
"I keep thinking of the big dream and how realizing it will make not only me, but also my family very happy and proud. My family is my biggest motivation... Especially my mom and dad."
Illustration by MajoBV Quote by Lilla Rogers

Her favorite thing in her studio...
"I work from home and don't have a space I can call a studio... Not yet at least, but hopefully soon. However, the thing I like the most of being able to work from home, is being able to be more time with my dog. The day I will have my studio/boutique(s) 
I like continuously thinking big, I will take my dog with me, and the day I'll have employees, I'll allow them to take their dogs too. I think it makes people happier when their furry friends are with them (and it also makes our furry friends happy!) "
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The word BELIEVE means to her...
"Strength, hope and trust. I struggled a lot lacking self-confidence, but the minute that started changing, my career started taking flight! I still second-guess myself a lot! and constantly need to remind myself I don't have to be perfect... it is a work in progress, but I'm glad I've already started it, and that I now BELIEVE in myself."

How to get in touch with Majo...
Blog Muy Majo 

Together we are happy by MajoBV©All rights reserved


  1. wonderful post Rosie!!! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog :)
    I just realised I said the thing I like the most about my studio is being with my dog, but didn't show her in the picture, hahaha… sorry Matita :P

  2. Very nice interview, thank you. Looking forward to the course on repeats also.


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