Monday, March 17, 2014

Indigo SS15-Feb14 Review

After almost a month of our participation at Indigo-Paris SS15  is time to share a brief review of the show.

As every time we exhibit is an intense, exhausting yet rewarding experience. The previous months before  exhibiting are days of planning and working really hard; this for only 3 days in where you have to give all you got.

Source: Indigo-salon

Source: Indigo-salon

This year a new member joined Believe Creative Studio!! We were really thrilled to introduce our  new studio development manager to our customers, and we were extremelly happy to have during the show the support of one of our dear friends, the 3 of us were with the best energy to rock the show.

We had a great collection that we createvely directed trough eleven briefs and  one to one design mentorship  program and  together with our talented and enthusiastic guest designers, we broght to live artworks full of color and joy.

As every season the show is super well organized with tons of visitors walking the isles and tons of amazing studios presenting their work. Enviroment is always great!

We absolutely loved our booth and our background (which is the main image of Believe Creative Studio) was the center of attention and we received tons of compliments.

Also we had a lots of fans for our printed cocktail umbrellas, which we offer along with dutch egg shaped  chocolates typical of eastern season

With the time we have learned to manage realistic expectations, there is too many factors influencing the decision of a buyer to get or not a design.

Definetly there is nothing written in stone about what a customer wants, everyone has completely different requests and everything that we have been told, changes when customers request things completely different of what we have heard as a rule.

Years ago when I used to visit Indigo as an art director and a buyer, I remember the rush to get early to the show, the importance to have a good relationship with the studios to get the best designs, and the importance to bring tons of chash for onsite payments; with the time this has changed, there are so many others shows, so many other studios selling online and lots of companies sourcing artwork even for free with the such called "contest".

"Designs do not sell as a warm cupcakes in the shows anymore" but from my point of view shows still  are a good source of business & marketing.

Definetly exhibiting is a decision that must be weighted and planned, there is too many aspects and a big investment to consider, a big deal of self believe and persistence is needed, external support, tons of enthusiasm, resistance to frustration & stress, time management and lots of patience, but  every solid business requiere the same.

I can not express my gratitude to our studio team, guest designers team, friends, fellow designers, family and customers who support us, cheer for us and believe in us!



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