Monday, March 24, 2014

Thinking & doing things differently

One of my most admired designers is Sir Paul Smith, I love the happiness and the beauty of his products, his brand , life phylosophy, his style, but most of all I admire him as a person.

Sir Paul Smith 

Sir. Paul Smith  is keen in the importance of lateral thinking for designers and creatives.
He openly speaks about the importance of observation, not only looking but actually observing what surround us and obtaining inspiration from it. Sir Paul Smith also encourages creatives to balance between electronical devices, computers and mobile telephones, with visiting  museums, traveling and looking at books and common surroundings as a source of inspiration.

The term lateral thinking by Edward de Bono commonly known as "thinking out of the box" is the way to approach a solution by looking in different and unexpected persectives. Lateral thinking is going beyond the obvious leaving behind traditional thoughs and preconceptions.

Being a designer focused in children designs sometimes I often find my self in a mental debate on what else to design, once I have created artwork with all the animals, flower types and hearts I possible can. But then I find a different approach to what I have already done, but normally as answer after the question… and now what?

Currently I am following the Lilla Rogers Assignment Bootcamp, on where monthly assignments are given to us in order to keep developing pieces under specific briefs and this month I found my self drawing gelatine molds and jelly; which is  subject that I personally would never think on creating in first place.
I originally started creating artwork in super bright colors with ink and watercolors to give the traditional transparency look a jelly has.

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Later on as a part of the challenge a new color palette was suggested to us by Lilla Rogers : neutrals!
Although at the beginning of the rbief I  went directly to superbright ,almost primary colors, after Lilla's suggestion I decided to give it a try to exlore a completely different approach and to think "out of my box" and although I still used quite bright range of colors I balanced out with neutral tones.

Definetly thinking laterally is a great benefit to every designer and a practice we should master. After all the world still need designs every season and after a while the animals, heart and flowers will start looking the same if we do not find a way to strecht ourselves in different directions.

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  1. Hi Rosie I really love the brights with the neutrals. The gray background makes the bright, happy jello molds pop out and say, "hello."


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