Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Indigo-Part2 : The crazy and exciting first day of the show

Indigo is divided in 3 days, each one is completely different from the other which and I will describe them over the following post.
This season Indigo-Paris  was visited by over 14,000 visitors from around the world. With 194 studios exhibiting their collections. 

The first day is totally busy, since the opening of the show you see lots of people walking in the isles.The energy is great, everybody is "shiny". Is wonderful too see also the great work most of the studios put to decorate their stands. 
You can see that some of the visitors have already appointments set up with the studios, you see people walking around, most of them with a plan in mind,some of the buyers even carry a list of the studios to visit as well.
To me this day is very exciting, I happily wait, smile and do my best to provide answers and to show the collection at their customer pace.

Is kind of hard job, even though you wish to explain every bit of a single design, you have also to try to put yourself  on the other side of the table to understand the buyer. Luckily I have the opportunity  back in the day to be in that side and I know how challenging and  tiring can be to watch hundreds and hundreds of designs during the show.
In my opinion as a seller you have to be fast when showing the collection, be open to engage in conversation and open to explain or answer any question asked by the customer, but you have to try to read the body language of the buyer and understand if they need you to slow down, if they want to spend more time in a particular  design or if they just want  you to finish as fast as possible.

At the end of the first day I was completely exhausted, is lots of emotions and energy going on, I was very tired of working on the collection, the trip, building the stand… oh gosh I am getting the chills just to remember how tired I was.
The first day                                                     Image from Indigo website.

The first day                                                     Image from Indigo website

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