Friday, October 5, 2012

Our participation in Indigo- Paris- Part 1: The stand

Finally I am back after few days of obligated time off after one of the most exciting yet busiest times of my life.
There is so many things that happen in september:

  • First of all we had one of my dearest friends visiting from Mexico, she is the amazing and talented Aide Dorantes.
  • My husband Vincent and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary as husband and wife.
  • I celebrated my 40th birthday and we participated in Indigo -PV for second time this time in collaboration with 16 fabulous guest designers.

There is of course too much to tell and too much to share so I decided to make it in parts.
First I want to tell you about the stand:

In my previous participation in Indigo-Paris  in september 2011 I honestly focused only in designing, designing, designing.
I spend almost 4 months sitting in our kitchen and garden tables hand painting my designs, a week before the show I visited Indigo -Brussels were
I realized I have forgotten to think about the stand, for me was as simply as displaying my prettiest work in the wall, but during Indigo -Brussels I was blown away with some of the work the studios did to decorate the stand.
I came home and went shopping for details to give the stand a more personal look. Of course pink elements were in my priority list.
I took me 2 or 3 days to gather all together and I think at the end the stand was nice, but compared with the other studios was not an eye catcher.
That time I saw people covering walls with very expensive huge size prints, color curtains, lamps, wallpapering all the stand and even having a living room ambiance.
So I though, next time I will be at that level.
Believe creative studio Indigo -Paris 2011 stand

This year I went to the extreme: 4 months previous to the show I started to think what I want for a stand, I knew few things
1. Pink should be involved
2. I wanted an eye catcher stand
3. I Wanted lots of details but everything had to fit in our car including me, my husband and my friend, the collection, my outfits including birthday sparkling ballerinas and tiara.
4. I wanted something personal, I wanted to include pictures specially from the ones I mainly design for :the little ones in the world.

I truly spend days and nights thinking about the stand and every detail I needed to cover.
I was so obsessed about it that for weeks I focused only on it. I make some very rough graphics on how it will look.
I bought papers to wall cover part of my studio to try which one we liked the most and I spend hours in the shops looking every little detail even coordinating napkins which by the way I just stored because we barely used them.
I also needed to keep in mind I had somehow to display a selection of the designs that were the most representative of the collection without delivering everything at once to the customer.

I got amazing pictures from my lovely nieces and also amazing shoots from the boys of Ana Berger , one of our guest designers.
At the end, I did loved the stand, I think it really represented Believe Creative Studio style and  our soul as a brand.
I think walking trough all the isles and seeing fabulous and well planned stands ,ours was popping out thanks of the stikking pink paper we used as a wallpaper.
At least I think people will remember that : the pink stand.
To mount the stand we spend around 5 hours between 3 people , is honestly a bit of a heavy task, and it was really hard because that day (18 of September ) was our wedding anniversary and after we finished
We were so tired and hungry that we needed to eat anything… what was our immediate option? Burgers in Mc' Donald's… seriously???

Anyhow, we have to do what we have to do, this as any other job require sometimes little sacrifices which at the end payoff when you see the results and even better when you are happy with it.
Hope you like it as well.

Some notes for next time:
1. Try to find a balance between not even thinking that stand decoration is needed and obsessing about it.
2. Find and decide in few main elements and stick to them, even if later on I find the coolest ever.
3. Still think eye catcher stand.
4. Reflect the soul and brand identity.
5. Be efficient and reuse
6. Make reservations for dinner in a decent restaurant so we have time pressure and nice reward after the hard work.

at our arrival- blank stand
Aide cutting paper to wallcover the stand
last piece is covered... no more paper available!
finalizing details
the perfect team: Vincent too tall me too short

chairs and tablecloth
Love to see the name of our studio displayed in this way
Adorable giveaways

Vincent & Rosie: proud, happy and in love


  1. Rosie, the stand was gracious and well worth the hard working. The best conclusion is number 6, definetely!

  2. Thanks for sharing – love to take a peek behind the scenes. Isn't it really a big adventure to do such a show?! Congrats for the stand, it sure was an eyecatcher!

  3. Looks fantastic, Rosie! Thanks for showing us the process.

  4. Wonderful summery of the whole process Rosie, great, love to see and hear all your stages of developing.
    And the result was outstanding, your stand was adorable, wonderful, super, really "Believe Creative Studio"!!

  5. Hi Rosie I loved your story of how you obsessed with the stand. I did the same when I had my own stand at Surtex in 2005 but I did find that being prepared by laying out the booth helped a lot. I can't wait to see what you do for this year.
    Lots of love


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