Friday, October 26, 2012

Indigo : The second day

The second day is normally less stressful, still customers are walking around and stopping by at the stand, but is way more relaxed that the first day.
I immediately ran to see the Indigo Influences area, where you can see every studio work in the screens in a video that is running all day long.
You can not see this video before the show and first day is too busy in the stand to even think in going out of it.
To get your work in this area you have to submit designs according the Indigo macro trends a moth before the show. You never know exactly which of the submitted work is going to be selected by the Indigo team to be displayed in that area.
For this season I have submitted around 20 designs from my own designs and from my guest designers.
I was extremely happy to see  3 of my designs running in the screen representing Believe Creative studio for Macro trends.
I also was extremely happy to see also  a design created for Believe Creative Studio collection by  Bethan Janine Westran, one of our fabulous guest designers  being printed and displayed as a representation of the Enchanted and Mysterious Macro-Trend.
Indigo Influences - Trend Area

Second day is also student day. Designs students over the world come to the show to gain some insight on the trends and the activities in this market. I love to get approached by enthusiastic souls making all sort of questions, being extremely curious and interested on how something is developed but it has unfortunately another side: some of the students came in groups gather around the stand to have a great conversation between each other about all the topics imaginable, except design, they are really interested in getting your business cards, goodies and candies;  "students happenings"  around the booth are definitely not good for business.
I have seen customers walking away from the stands because of this reason. It is a sensitive topic, because in one end I want to inspire the younger generations and I want to communicate my passion for this work but  in the other end this is sometimes just not good if you are expecting to still attract  new customers in the second day of the show.

This year the second day was very special because I became 40! so yes I was a very happy seller.
Happy 40th!
Lovely cards and a lovely present a "Swedish dala horse"

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